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Childish Game - P.5

Title : Childish Game
Pairing : Junhong/Jongup, Himchan/Jongup, hints of Daehyun/Youngjae
Rating : NC-17
Summary : B.A.P is in Malaysia ! Acting like a grown up was more difficult than he thought and Junhong ended by making fool of himself once more. Another fight and another depression, the maknae oddly found himself starting to get closer with Daehyun after a little incident.
Word Count : 8001
U(seless)/N : Ok I messed up with the showcase thing. I didn't check the real one which was actually only one day in one city. But hey, it's better like that for the story anyway !
A/N² : I feel like this is a huge mess OTL Enjoy.

22 April, 9AM Incheon airport. The amount of fans gathered there was impressive and it was in moments like this that the 6 members of B.A.P really felt how much they were popular and loved by the fans. It was crazy, the screams, the people following them with their phones or expensive cameras, trying to capture every single angle of their face or just a simple smile that would maybe addressed to them. The boys were thankful and it made them happy to feel the love from so close, but they regretfully they couldn't linger in front of the cameras or pose for anyone, neither sign autographs.

They got their passports checked and walked to the waiting area. There Himchan was monopolizing Youngjae's iPad, admiring the latest pictures of himself on his favorites fansites. Yongguk was talking to their manager, while Daehyun was in front of a vending machine, at the very right of the large room, crouching and standing up again and again hesitating between candies or chocolate probably. As for the two youngest, they were playing on a phone, Junhong obviously amazed at how Jongup seemed to be good at it judging by that fool expression on his face and the little cheers coming out from his mouth. It left Youngjae, who was the one observing all of them from his seat, deprived of his precious iPad.

Two hours later they boarded on the plane. Himchan and Junhong were fighting over Jongup to know who would sit next to the boy in the plane, until Jongup kindly reminded them that they could both do it if they sat in the middle row. He forgot that it wasn't his plane though so he couldn't choose their place like that. At the end Youngjae sat with Daehyun of course, in front of Yongguk and Junhong, at the left row, Himchan, Jongup and manager Kang in the middle one. Junhong loved his hyung, really, but he loved Jongup more, and seeing that it was just a narrow aisle separating them made him sick.

He was only an arm away from the smiling boy but it was too much. Facing a pouting maknae slumped on his seat, as if he was an upset baby who was crying for a toy or an ice-cream, Yongguk crooked a brow.

"What's wrong again ?" He shakes his maknae's shoulder, the younger turning to him with that cry baby face he made sometimes when asked to do aegyo. "What's that ?!" Yongguk scoffs.
"Hyung how long is the flight ?" Junhong switches to a poker face.
"Hm around 7 hours they said. Why ?"
"Nothing.." He pouts.
"Now you're going to tell me what's wrong." Yongguks wraps an arm around his neck and nearly pulls him off his seat.
"Hyung !" Junhong giggles.
"I'm not letting you go until the plane flies off."
"Why ?!" Junhong wriggles. "There's nothing to say !"
"To say about what ?" Daehyun's face pops suddenly between the two front seats.
"Nothing !" Junhong tries to settles comfortably in the older's hold, the armrest digging in his left side.
"What are you hiding Junhongie ?!" Youngjae joins the conversation, pushing Daehyun with his forehead, the other pushing him back in the same way, alarming the leader.
"Yah don't do anything weird there ok ?!" He hisses between the seats after hearing Youngjae giggling, releasing Junhong by the way.
"Hyung.." Daehyun drawls.
"I'm serious guys." Yongguk sits back on his seat with a sigh.
"Who chose the seats hyung ?"
"What ?"
"Who said that I have to sit here and Daehyun hyung there ?"
"No one.. You didn't want me is that it ? Are you mad because of me ?" Yongguk jokes flashing his wide gummy smile. Junhong shakes his head smiling himself.
"No no."
"You're weird I'm not gonna lie Junhong. First Jongup and now you.. I won't let it go ok ?" Yongguk says in his leader's tone, no more joking and smiling. "I won't ask you anything now because this is not the right place, but as soon as we step in the hotel room don't expect me to leave you alone." He's serious, eyes in the eyes with the maknae with a slight frown. "Oh and yeah, obviously we'll share our room if you don't mind."
"Great." Yongguk turns away and puts on his earphones.


Junhong clenched a fist, the one on his right. He was cursed, definitely.. That trip was the best occasion he would ever get to really hit on Jongup. Who knew when would be the next time two or three days off would be given like that ?! Damn it..

A message from the commander echoed in the cabin, greeting them at first then announcing the flight schedule. After that the pretty air hostesses came in both of the aisle to show some security stuff before telling everyone to belt up for the takeoff. Junhong turned to Jongup, pocking his arm with his index. The other turned to him, eyebrows raised in a questioning way, twisting his mouth weirdly too.

"Don't do that." Junhong laughs.
"What do you want ?" Jongup drops his weird expression to smile like usual.
"Did you paired up with someone yet ? For the room in the hotel."
"No.." Jongup purses his lips. "Wanna pair up with me ?"
"Yeah !" The younger nods quickly. If he hurries to settles his things with Jongup and pretend to fall asleep, Yongguk would leave him there. It was a good plan. Two well known thumbs up were raised in Junhong's direction and Jongup plugged his iPod too before putting on his earphones.

"What are you doing ?" Daehyun surprises Junhong again making him jump a little on his seat. "Yongguk-hyung said that you would share a room you two, what are you doing ?"
"I don't have to say it to you." Junhong answers in a cocky way, crossing his arms on his stomach with a smug grin.
"Tch.. You don't think you're going to trick him like that, do you ?"
"If no one betrays me I could make it." Junhong's expression darkens a little, making Daehyun narrow his eyes as well.
"You're playing with fire there.. I wouldn't do that if I were you." The older finally turns around. Junhong sighs and scratches his head when his gaze fall on Youngjae's between the front seats.

It was then an intense staring contest that begun there. Youngjae was frowning playfully, as if trying to read something in Junhong's soul, but his only eye that the younger could see started to get creepy as the time passed by. Only a few seconds probably, but Junhong felt uncomfortable, just like when suddenly a word looked weird, as if it wasn't supposed to be written that way, while it was actually correct, or when someone did something that looked wrong and not in coherence with the logic of the human body. Younjgae somehow had turned into a cyclop in Junhong's mind and it was freaking scary. Don't mind him, sometimes that kind of thing would cross his mind when he was bored. He thought then that he would stop wandering in the darkest corners of the internet the next time he'll have an iPad in hands in the future.

"Hyung stop that.." He chuckled awkwardly.
"You're hiding something I can see it."
"Ok now turn away."
"Fine, fine.."

Ugh.. Maybe I should sleep too...

Surprisingly, the next time Junhong opened his eyes, was when Yongguk shook him up cause they had landed.

"Already ?!" He looks up at his hyung with a dumb expression.
"Yeah, that's what happen when you're really tired, c'mon get up now."

They left the plane, then climbed on a familiar big black van before leaving for their hotel. It was 6:28PM and manager said that they would be there around 7PM if the traffic was good. Finally Junhong got a chance to sit next to Jongup during the trip so he tried his best to be as close as possible to him. He had put his bag on his side, pretending to use it as an armrest so in that way he was forced to touch Jongup with his arm, shoulder and leg, since Himchan was at the other side of the backseat, taking as much place with his own.

Jongup was playing again to this game, the one where you had to cut fruits without touching the bombs. Junhong liked to watch Jongup playing cause he was better than him. Junhong always drew messy line on the screen ending by cutting a bomb all the time while Jongup was fast and careful. The maknae was quite impressed, but more than that, he was enthralled by Jongup's scent. Was it peach or something else ? Maybe Himchan accepted to lend him some cream during the flight.

"Can I play ?" Junhong asks faking to be interested, squeezing Jongup's thigh not so innocently.
"I thought you didn't like this game." Jongup says without looking up from the screen.
"Yeah.." The maknae nods, letting his hands on the other's leg, patting here and there as if following the rhythm of a song.
"Hyung can we go shopping after the showcase is over ?" Jongup turns to Himchan at the end of a level, not paying attention to Junhong.
"Of course , we'll go all together though."

Jongup hummed with a nod. Are you really not feeling anything ?! Junhong yelled to himself. A simple flirting method wouldn't work with Jongup, Junhong needed to be clear in his actions and hit hard at the right moment. He decided to sneak into Jongup's bed tonight to begin, he'd think about the rest later.

As expected they arrived to their hotel about half an hour later. It was big ! And some fans were even there to welcome them in the city. What a warm feeling again. The boys quickly rushed inside though led by bodyguards and other members of the staff. Manager Kang went to pick up the keys for the rooms and they didn't wait more in the hall before heading up there.

Junhong followed Jongup, staying as close as possible to him. The rooms were at the same floor, but not aligned, only two were, while the third one was further in the hallway. Manager Kang gave Daehyun the keys, telling that the rooms had the same size, then he went down again. Junhong discreetly pushed Jongup for him to go pick a set of keys, the one of the room that was remote. The boy did so and went to open the room, giving Junhong a puzzled look when the younger didn't follow him. Junhong motioned him to go with his free hand.

He stayed behind Yongguk a moment, cautious and observing him from the corner of his eyes. Youngjae and Daehyun left for their room, while Himchan stayed there leaning on the wall, probably sure that he was the one supposed to sleep in Yongguk's room for the rest of the stay. Junhong waited for Yongguk to open and walk in the room before taking to his heels, direction Jongup's room, their room.

He started laughing half way but he got scared too when he heard the leader calling his name in anger behind. Junhong successfully ran inside, but he bumped his heavy suitcase on the door frame, and before he could even think about pushing it again to pull it inside Yongguk was there at the door. Junhong shrieked, literally, and started running into the room. He didn't know what he was doing and he knew that running around wasn't helping him at all, but at the moment the only thing that mattered was not to get caught by the angry leader yelling his name, so he ran for his life under the gaze of a shocked Jongup.

Junhong jumped on the beds, ran around the table and jumped on the couch again and again. Damn this room was huge !

"Junhong stop it now, I'm serious.." Yongguk pauses in the middle of the room, resting both of his hands on his sides.
"Hyung I'm sorry !" Junhong cries behind the table out of breath.
"Sorry for what ?! Get your ass out of this room, wasn't I clear enough ?"
"I don't wanna go !" Junhong whines leaning against the wall behind him. "Please !"
Yongguk sighs and turns to Jongup, who's quietly watching all this mess since the beginning from his bed. "Help me to catch him Jongup.." The leader says.
"No !" Junhong throws a helpless look at his friend.
"Why are you doing this Junhong ?! Seriously !"
"Can't I sleep here if I want to ?!"
"No ! Stop acting like a baby !"
"I'm not a baby.." Junhong surrenders walking to his backpack.
"Great !" Yongguk turns around to pick up the younger's suitcase. He lets him go out first before exiting the room himself then, meeting Himchan outside.
"What was that ?" He grins when Junhong is far enough.
"Nothing.." The leader yawns "Here's your room, sorry for the bed sheets Junhong kept running on it, they're pretty messed up now.. If you wanna trade room it's now or never."
"I'm not that picky.."
"Oh really ?" Yongguk cocks an eyebrow with a little smirk, walking away, leaving Himchan in the hallway.
"You don't know me !"
"Yeah, yeah sure !"

Entering his room, Yongguk saw Junhong wrapped in the sheets of his bed, his bag, shoes, jacket and cap lying randomly at the feet of his bed. Quite unusual from the person who cared the most about clothes among them.

"Are you crying now ?"
"Oh but you can still talk, it's great. I'm sitting there ok ?"
Yongguk scoffs at the younger's stubbornness. "Can I have an explanation now or it is still not the good moment ?"
"It's not."
"I have no choice then.." He stands up and pulls the cover off Junhong, who fights to keep it but letting it go when the bed starts shifting forward. Yongguk's too strong for him.
"Hyung !"
"We have a showcase tomorrow, you know that right ?! Are you fussing like that for nothing ? It's even worse then !" The leader throws the blanket on his bed angrily, waiting for an answer from the younger now. Junhong sits up nervously. It wasn't supposed to turn like that, why was Yongguk that mad ?
"..I just wanted to be with Jongup-hyung."
"And you think that it's more important than focusing on tomorrow ?"
"We're waking up early for the rehearsal, if you're hungry you can order something now. I'm going to take a shower. Don't run away."

In the other room, Jongup and Himchan had settled down on the couch in front of the tv, tired of the flight and only wanting to laze in their room before going to sleep. In front of the movie, Jongup shifted from Himchan's shoulder to his lap, lying down there with a pillow under his head, it was eventually the best position he could take on the couch to get comfortable. Himchan didn't mind, not at all and he found it quite funny how the younger kept pocking his chin out of boredness.

"What do you want ?!" He grabs his finger.
"Nothing. Why ?" Jongup asks innocently poking again with a little grin.
"Yah don't play with me kid."
"What are you talking about ?" Jongup sits up and pokes the other's belly.
"You're really bold aren't you ?" Himchan grabs both of Jongup's wrists and pushes him down again.
"I think you gained weight hyung." The younger smiles.
"What ?!"

Jongup took advantage of the moment where Himchan lifted his shirt to check his stomach, to flee in the bathroom leaving his hyung there, dumbfounded by his dongsaeng's statement. Jongup sat on the edge of the bathtub and took his phone, typing on the little screen a message to one of his band mate.

Junhong was drifting into sleep when he felt his phone buzzing and ringing. He really got surprised cause the sound was pretty loud and it woke him up quite rudely. He was still in the mist and tried to reach and lit the lamp on the night table in the dark, almost making it fall on the floor by the way.

Anyway, when he finally turned the light on he noticed that he was still alone in the room, Yongguk was still showering apparently. Junhong moved on the floor and lay down there, taking his phone out of the pocket of his jacket. It was Jongup, cool, but he was suggesting that they should do a proper birthday party for their hyungs. Junhong sighed.

Yeah ! You should ask Youngjae
to help you organizing it.

You don't seem to be excited about it,
do you think it sucks ?

No ! It's a good idea, really !

I wanna do it this week, something
fun at the hotel between us you know ?

Yup, that'd be cool !

A few minutes passed without any answer from Jongup, and Junhong assumed that the other felt that he wasn't in the mood to talk about it, or that he just started talking about it to Youngjae, but his phone rang again in his hands. A video call this time. Junhong pressed the green button facing the front camera when Jongup's face popped up on the shiny screen.

"Junhongie !!" The older smiles waving at the camera, laughing at himself afterwards, head dropping on the mattress before looking up again.
"What ?" Junhong drawls, eyes furrowing at the camera.
"Ugh.. I was right you really think it's a bad idea don't you ?"
"I'm just tired !" He whines annoyed.
"Fine I didn't call for that anyway." Jongup puts the phone against his pillow and settles on his elbows, allowing Junhong to catch a glimpse of his chest through his loose black shirt, and here comes the funny feeling twisting the younger's guts each time this kind of sight traveled a bit too long in his mind.
"Why then ?" Junhong shifts on his side, his arm hurting from holding the phone above his face.
"I'm bored."
"What can I do about that ? I can't come because Yongguk would yell at me again."
"I didn't asked anything.." Jongup says dryly. "Maybe I'll take a bath and go to sleep early tonight."
"A bath ?"
Jongup nods. "I like it, it's relaxing."
"It takes too much time for me.. I think Yongguk-hyung is taking a bath right now."
"Himchan-hyung's checking his belly fat in the bathroom." Jongup chuckles.
"Did he gained weight ?!" The younger asks in shock. "The showcase is tomorrow !"
"I just said it like that to joke ! He thinks he's fat now.."
"That's mean !" Junhong giggles.
"Yeah.." Jongup scratches his cheek. "You were weird earlier, when you ran away from Yongguk-hyung." He says in a laugh. "Why did you do that ?"
"He didn't want me to be with you in the room." Junhong replies simply, staring at Jongup with a blank look.
"You wanted it that much ?"

It was a tricky question, if Junhong said yes Jongup would freak out and take his distance even more.. But saying no would mean that he did all that for nothing and acted like an idiot on purpose, exactly the image that Junhong was trying not to display anymore. As if it wasn't difficult enough right now.

"No, I.. no." He mumbles shaking his head slightly, Jongup frowning behind the screen.
"You looked pretty mad."
"No I was just playing."
"It wasn't funny."
"Damn it I know !! Shut the fuck up now !" Junhong bursts out ending the video call, before yelling more atrocities at the other's face that he would regret afterwards.

Junhong was in a dead end, what to do when the person you loved, a band mate, a friend, was acting like that with you ? Junhong couldn't jump on him like that, Jongup was so dumb that he wouldn't understand and would take this as another prank from the younger. Jongup was being defensive now, Junhong could feel it. The older used to let it go and say nothing when something happened between them before, and Junhong took advantage of it as the time passed by, teasing and teasing the other some more day by day. But it was just some little things, he thought so, until the day Jongup talked back. There was no turning point, things had changed for ever.

Junhong was blaming himself everyday for being that stupid, and even if he promised himself to act like a grown up now, today was a great proof to show how much he hadn't change at all. Worse, he humiliated himself in front of his hyung and Jongup, fussing around like a kid for a stupid room, but he wanted Jongup, and now, he couldn't help it. On the plane he imagined a bunch of things that could happen if he was alone with Jongup in a room for five night, not necessarily.. adult things, but just simple moments like sleeping in the same bed, taking showers together, pillow fights, enjoying the view during breakfast and more again. Things that Jongup would probably do with Himchan now that Junhong was stuck in the same room with Yongguk.

And talking about him, the leader came out of the bathroom at that moment, the smell of his shampoo mingled with the heavy air of the steam invading the room, just when Junhong was about to change to go to bed, too depressed to even want to stay awake.

"You didn't order anything ?"
"Oh, no sorry.. Are you hungry ? I can do it n-"
"No !" Yongguk shakes a hand stopping the younger from drowning into more unnecessary apologies. "It's ok, I'm not that hungry."
"I was going to sleep now."
"Fine, goodnight then."

Yongguk left the room after putting on clean shirt, a towel on his shoulder. Junhong somehow felt thankful towards him for leaving him alone, even if his reason was different. Anyway..

Monday morning, no alarm clock rang, no yelling from the kitchen or the bathroom, nothing but Yongguk's hand on his back shaking him off his sleep. Whatever the time it was, Junhong knew that it has been his best sleep for a long time. He groaned and buried his face in his pillow mumbling something, voice barely coming out audibly.

"C'mon wake up, we can't be late today." Yongguk says getting more violent, his fists digging in the younger's back, pressing his body down on the mattress.
"Hyung !?" Junhong whines rolling on his side, away from the assailant. What a surprise when he sees that Yongguk isn't Yongguk actually, but Jongup. "What ?"
"Wake up Junhong !" Yongguk repeats turning to his bed, adjusting a cap on his head.

He was fully dressed, same for Jongup and probably the others as well.

"Am I late ?!!" Junhong sits up in hurry, wide awake now.
"Not yet.." The leader shuffles his way to the table next to the window.

Junhong followed him with his eyes, discovering Himchan sitting there. The latter waved to him with a wide forced smile. "Annyeong~" What ? Yongguk sat down next to him and Junhong was then hit on the chest when the two elders weren't looking at him anymore.

"Aw !" Junhong turns to Jongup grinning at him. "What do you want ?" The maknae frowns covering the bit of his hips exposed by his blanket which shifted down a bit too much when he sat up earlier.
"Don't curse at me again." Jongup keeps poking his chest in that annoying way, making Junhong want to punch him right now. If only Yongguk and Himchan weren't there...
"Shut up, shut up, shut up !" He hisses in a breath and swipes Jongup's hand away, glaring at him. "Stop that !"
"Not if you keep talking bad at me."
"Shut-up." Junhong challenges immediately pinched by the older. A particular hard and quick pinch, well placed if you know what I mean, making the maknae wails at the pain.

An eye for an eye, Junhong pinched back and in a shorter time they were fighting mercilessly, aiming for each other's chest cause nipples were too small to reach perfectly now in the mess of their arms moving around, switching from defending to attacking again and again.

It was just a wild tickling session, in appearance at least. It seemed that Jongup was really pissed off about last night and he would definitely not let Junhong mistreat him ever again. Between peals of laughter and real wails of pain, Yongguk nor Himchan made a difference so they didn't really paid attention to the younger and kept chatting until Junhong eventually hit the bedhead with his own in a loud thud. The silence filled the room, Junhong holding his head with his hands and Jongup scooting closer to him in an apologetic way, back to his lost pup' mode, not saying anything and putting only a hand on the younger's back. "What the hell are you doing again ?!" Yongguk growled from the back of the room.

After a quick breakfast they had together in Yongguk and Junhong's room, everyone got ready to leave for a practice on stage. It was still early in the morning, barely 8AM. In the van the tension could be cut with a knife and everyone was a bit more quiet than usual. It wasn't their first time on stage, but this time the performance would be brought to a brand new level. Three days of show, various different stages to pull off and a short amount of time between most of them. It would be hard to keep up.

A few minutes before the end of the intro video, they gathered all together in the backstages and yelled fighting !! one time, two time, screaming with passion and determination. No more tension around, only wide and stupid smiles hooked on their lips as they high fived each other before the moment. Of course they were still a bit stressed by this, but it was the good stress, the one that would keep you alert and prevent you from making big mistakes because of an overflow of excitement. They couldn't fail such a big event.

The lights, the screams and chants of the fans, the loud music, their music, the stage became a playground for the next couple of hours and the boys had fun, it was amazing. Being able to interact with the fans between two songs was another great gift, and even if some of them were more shy than the others during the talking session, the members truly enjoyed those little moments.

Despite the fatigue the boys went back to the hotel, heads full of another bunch of great memories and hearts filled love. They couldn't wait to be tomorrow.

"Don't go to bed too late tonight, really, you need to sleep ok ?" Yongguk says to all, just arrived in the hotel.
"Do you really think we don't know that ? I already feel like I'm going to faint.." Himchan yawns pressing the button to call the elevator.
"Told you to stop watching tv last night ! You couldn't even understand the program.." Yongguk frowns giving him a lazy look.
"It was interesting ! We have fans that don't understand us you know !"
The leader snorts. "Yeah you're right.."
"Hyung where's the elevator ?" Jongup whines leaning on Himchan's back.
"I called it J-" The older looks down to the button that was supposed to be green. Supposed to.. Himchan's eyes narrow and he presses the button again, the green light circling the silver little piece this time. He watches over his shoulder with an innocent pout, just to check if someone saw something. Well, Yongguk has.

They exchanged that weird gaze, awkward with no point. The leader gave Himchan this pitiful look holding back a laugh as he raised his eyebrows, mentally making fun of him.

"Are you serious ?" He sneers at the end when Himchan turns around in embarrassment. " You can't even press a button Channie ?"
"Shut up ! I'm tired !"
"What ? The elevator is not coming ?" Jongup looks up at the leader beside him.
"No.. The princess is tired Jongupie." Yongguk chuckles.
"Stop it !" Himchan hits his arm angrily.
"I'm taking the stairs.." Youngjae sighs.
"Me too." Jongup follows.
"Me too !" Junhong adds.
"It's eleven floors guys.." Yongguk reminds but Youngjae is already gone. "Does he have the keys ?" He turns to Daehyun.
"Yeah, he keeps them." The younger nods sleepily.
"Weak-chan, give Jongup your keys." Yongguk grins, giving his own set to the maknae.
"Can't you stop ?!"
"Alright, alright, you can go now." Yongguk pats Junhong's back. "Don't do anything stupid ok ? Jongup keep an eye on him, we're going to buy something to eat."
"I didn't agree on that !" Himchan complains.
"I might buy lots of unhealthy food you know ?" Yongguk grins. He knows it's a good argument, the best actually.
"Aah.. Fine !! I'll go with you.."

Jongup turned around and gave Junhong a pissed look already. They stepped in the stairs and walked through the first floor without trouble. Same for the second floor, thus far they didn't even exchanged a single little look. Only at the third floor, when Junhong started playing with his keys, making a repetitive and annoying noise during this endless path on the brown carpet of the stairs, Jongup glanced at him. Junhong caught him and Jongup looked away.

"What ?" He asks throwing his keys higher.
"What ?" Jongup asks back without looking at him.

4th floor.

"Got something to say to me maybe ?"
"No, do you have something to say to me ?"
"I don't."

5th floor. Jongup knew that Junhong was doing all this to annoy him, that he was playing with his stupid keys on purpose to piss him off, and it was working. It was really, really annoying, Jongup only wanted to relax now and not to hear such a shrill noise again and again.

7th floor. Jongup, couldn't handle it anymore... He jumped on Junhong to catch his keys when the set was still in the air, but things didn't go as planned. The height difference made weight in that exchange, Junhong quickly caught his keys before Jongup bumped into him.

"Don't touch me !" The maknae blurts taking a step aside.
"Stop it then !"
"And what ? What are you gonna do anyway ?" Junhong twists the set around his index.
"This." The older pushes him on the wall, making the keys fall down.
"Oh, you wanna play again hyung ?" Junhong smirks taking a few steps to Jongup.
"I'm not playing Zelo."
"I swear if you call me like that again I'm going to hurt you." He stops about ten centimeters away for the older.
"I'm not scared."
"Yeah ?"
"Zelo, Zelo, Zelo !!" Jongup poked his forehead at the last one.

Junhong fullfiled his promise and punched Jongup's chest, who gasped at the shock. He kicked Junhong and shoved him on the opposite wall again to pin him up there, a hand on his collar. "You're such an idiot." He growled. "What ?!" Junhong stared at him in amusement. "You're the idiot between us !" He kicked the other's tibia. Jongup yelped but he wasn't defeated yet. He stumbled a bit but resumed his grip on the other's shirt, as tight as a clamp, so did Junhong.

"You're a fucking idiot !" The maknae hissed in a breath, fighting against the other to stay on his feet. This time they both were conscious that hitting each other's face would mean the end of their career. Well, probably this fight too if they were discovered, but in the other case, the bruises wouldn't be visible and the would be able lie about it, pretending that it happened during a practice.

As if trying to suffocate each other by pressing their fists on their chest, anger in the eyes, Junhong and Jongup would temporize in the middle of the stairs. They didn't want to be first to hurt the other, but rather be the one being in a case of self-defense. They glared at each other, breath hitching out of the rush of adrenaline in their veins. "What's wrong with you Zelo ?!" Jongup growled trying to get rid of the younger. Junhong flinched but stayed up. "You !!" He yelled using all his strength to knock Jongup on the wall for the umpteenth time.

Things got out of hands quickly after that, just like their first real fight, both of them throwing random fists and kicks to bundle off all these secret and unsaid feelings. A quick emotional release before returning to their lives as if nothing happened, hiding everything to their hyungs and keeping that pain for themselves.

Out of clumsiness Jongup let his set of keys drop on the floor as well. The two boys looked at each other for a second before crouching at the same time to pick it up. They hit their forehead together and Jongup took advantage of this moment to kick the set away before Junhong could reach it, stretching his leg to the left. Junhong sneered and shoved Jongup on the floor making him loose his balance. The older gasped and squirmed when Junhong started to climb on him. Having a whole new body to deal with was too much for Jongup. Even if normally he would have been able to swipe him away easily, he gave up this time.

Junhong didn't kicked or punched him, he just looked at him with that strange gaze. "I thought you would hurt me." Jongup grinned, chest heaving in a quick pace, obviously challenging the maknae. His ribcage hurt and his arms too, not that much but still, and it was probably the same for Junhong. "Yeah.." Said boy murmured getting up. "But I can't."

He walked to his keys, not that far from where Jongup was lying and started climbing the stairs again, leaving the older behind.

Junhong tried to calm himself, walking slowly to let his face regain a normal shade, but by the ninth floor he started running to climb the rest of the stairs. Maybe he should have waited the elevator with Daehyun..

When he finally reached the eleventh floor Junhong almost collapsed on the door before opening it, it was such a relief to be there after such a long day. Junhong only wanted to take a shower, and wait for Himchan and Yongguk to come back with food that they would eat deliciously in front of the tv. He unlocked the door and shut it by a kick, took of his shoes quickly and ran to his suitcase to pick up some clean clothes before hurrying in the bathroom.

There he threw his clothes on the counter, knocking off some products in the sink by the way and took of his shirt, reserving it the same fate. Through the mirror he saw red marks on his left side, Jongup had been quite wild with his hands earlier, not even bothering to bruise the other or not if he scratched him like that. Junhong clenched his teeth while tracing two of the three lines there, the most defined, and it gave him goosebumps. Jongup was really something.


Junhong looked down at his feet, embarrassed to watch himself while having another bunch of inappropriate thoughts about Jongup, overflowing in his head just by touching the marks.

Feeling his body under himself after all these altercations turned him on actually. Not that he liked being hurt of fighting with Jongup, but Junhong somehow found something really sexy in it, or maybe it was just because he wanted Jongup so bad, so any kind of physical interaction would make him craving for more. Jongup panting under his nose, his face red just a few inches away from his own, his hair in a mess.. Seriously, if someone walked on them like this, that person wouldn't have thought of a fight scene at first.

Hands randomly wandering on the counter after putting back the products straight on the shiny surface, the find of a little pink bottle of lube cherry flavored, didn't help Junhong to shake off his idea out of his mind. Shit ! Did they really put a bottle of lube here ? It's not even in a couple room ! He felt weird about it, but he started feeling the blood rushing downstairs from the moment he grabbed Jongup's shirt and when this one allowed him to admire a bit of the older's hip bone for a second. Jongup would always wear his pants so fucking low...

Screw it, no one would ever know anyway.

He took some steps back until reaching the edge of the bathtub to sit on it, holding the lube on a hand and palming himself through his sweatpant with the other. Guilt was the dominant feeling at first. What kind of person would do that in such an important period of his life ? The showcase was scheduled for two more days, yet Junhong was there in the bathroom too busy pleasuring himself instead of practicing a rap or a dance move. More than that, wasn't it too gross to get turned on by Jongup and use him then to satisfy his fantasies ? There was definitely something wrong about it but hell, it was too good to stop now.

He didn't want to see his flushed face in the mirror any more longer so Junhong decided to let himself slide in the bathtub, a hand on the wall behind not to fall too quickly as he kept massaging his crotch firmly. He lay down and settled comfortably in the tub, a lot more comfy and bigger than the one they had at the dorm.

Junhong wished Jongup was there, they would do it together.. Or he'd just watch if he wanted, it would be ok Junhong thought. And they would kiss too, passionately. Junhong could feel his face turning mad red, an odd heat taking over his whole body as he slipped his fingers under the purple fabric of his short, but not beyond his underwear, he was still a bit reluctant about this, which didn't stop him so far though.

He closed his eyes as he bit back a first groan when he ran the back of his fingertips on his hardening length. He was already excited when he lay on top of Jongup, but that dumbass felt nothing, how could he tell Junhong that he was an idiot when he was the one unable to tell if someone liked him to that point ?! Junhong grew impatient and tired of the teasing, he pulled down his short and his underwear at the same time. He threw his clothes somewhere, and picked the little pink bottle he had put beside him on the edge of the tub. He poured a good amount of this tasty looking substance in his hand, too much he realized but whatever, and started stroking himself.

The lube dripped everywhere on his belly but at least nothing was dry anymore.. Junhong whined at each stroke cause he was new to this feeling, previously used to use his spit or even nothing when doing that. The cold gel on his heated skin, the stickiness and the scent ! Wow, the scent was so strong that it almost made his mouth watering. Fuck, if only Jongup was there, it would be perfect. That moron.. Junhong started panting hard. His legs felt funny, as if not able to stand straight anymore. He used both side of the bathtub to rest, inevitably spreading his legs wider which added more pleasure to each motions.

Precum started mingling with the lube and Junhong didn't know anymore which one kept his cock slick. He wasn't just whining now, but moaning airily, trying to stay quiet at least. The more Junhong thought about Jongup being a total fool, the more his motions got faster, as if his anger towards him mixed with the desire he had as well for the older.

He didn't hold back anything as the last moan came out as a loud cry, and another thick and sticky substance was added to the former mess on his stomach. Not knowing what to do with his hands and suffocated by the smell of the fruit all around the room, Junhong decided to taste it and indeed, it was good, sweet just like a candy. Tired and suddenly really sleepy, he quickly cleaned himself before returning in the room to crash on his bed.

About half an hour later Junhong was awoken by two loud knocks at the door. "It's me Junhong, food's here." It was Yongguk. The maknae sat up painfully and walked to the door to let his hyung in. He frowned quite strongly when the light of the hallway hit his poor eyes.

"Did you shower with Himchan's gel ?" The leader asks right away. "He's gonna get mad."
"Uh ? No I didn't.." Junhong shakes head walking back inside when Yongguk calls him.
"No, no we're eating in Himchan's room tonight."
"Oh." Junhong turns around sleepily.
"Go get the keys !" Yongguk chuckles.

Junhong turned around again and looked down at the floor, at his bed. Where's this fucking set ?! Then he remembered throwing them on the drawer. He picked up the set and closed the door behind him. He walked to Himchan's room while Yongguk went to knock at Youngae and Daehyun's door. The smell of the food felt like heaven and Junhong's stomach growled a bit too loud for his liking. He wrapped his arms around his waist but Himchan was already turned to him with little grin on his face.

"Just wait a little more hm ?" He smiles.
"Yeah.." Junhong nods catching Jongup glaring at him from the couch. He purses his lips not to say anything bad here, cause he could.
"You can sit down you know ?" Himchan says, interrupted by hyper Jae.
"Hiii !" Said boy steps in the room clapping his hands behind and before him as the weirdo he is.
"Hey ! Daehyun's not with you ?"
"He's coming." Youngjae snorts.

Yongguk and Daehyun arrived finally and Himchan was done disposing the food on the table. "You want a bit Junhong ?" He asked to the maknae, handing him a glorious piece of meat with two chopsticks. Junhong clenched his teeth at the sight.

"Ca-can I wash my hands first ?" He takes a step back, showing the bathroom with a thumb.

He didn't wash his hands properly after.. jerking off, he just stood under the water for about ten minutes maybe, without using soap, too tired to do more than leaning on the wall. He didn't want to eat now.

"What ? Just take it with your teeth I don't know.." Himchan pouts retracting his arm.
"No really.." The maknae shifts awkwardly and leaves, hearing Jongup jumping on his piece of meat when he turns his back.
"Me too." Daehyun says before joining him.

In the bathroom, Junhong started running the water first and put the soap in one of his hand before putting some in his hyung's. Daehyun thanked him before leaning like super close to him.

"What are you doing ?" Junhong gives him a puzzled look, backing a little.
"You found the lube don't you ?" The older grins turning to the mirror to see the maknae's expression twisting in surprise.
"Wh- !!"
"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone !" He chuckles elbowing him.
"How-how do you know ?" Junhong asks shyly, muttering his words and already blushing.
"The smell is strong, but on you.. It's like you took a shower using it as a soap !" Daehyun's smile grows wide.
"Yeah, I poured too much of it.."
"There's no need." Daehyun shakes his head with an airy laugh.

Daehyun rinsed his hands first as Junhong let him do and dried them with a towel beside the sink. Junhong turned off the water and something clicked on his mind.

"Shouldn't Youngjae-hyung wash his hands too then ?" He blinks.
"Ehm no.." Daehyun puts the towel back on the counter. "He didn't touch it."
"Did he just watched ?" Junhong asks like it's nobody's business, putting his hyung in a very, very awkward situation.
"Kind.. of..." He nods pursing his lips.

Why would he lie ? At least he had found someone to talk with about his misery. Yongguk wouldn't even accept to listen, Himchan would be so nosy that he'd end up by buying weird stuff or even start talking about it in the middle of breakfast, Jongup was.. well, Jongup and Youngjae was the problem so.. Junhong was the last option.

"He's a bastard." The older mutters in a breath.
"Why ?"
"Why are you so curious ?! I'm off." He throws the towel on Junhong with a laugh before leaving the bathroom.

The two came out to join the others around the coffee table. Daehyun passed by the leader who asked again what was this smell around.

"The food idiot.." Himchan frowns, stating the obvious.
"No ! A fruit ! It smells like the shit you put on your face every morning."
"I don't put shit on my face ! Do you think I'd look like that ?!" Himchan gets mad and yells at Yongguk.
"Aish.. Don't spit on me, that's not quite lady-like.." The elder wipes his left cheek with the back of his hand.

Jongup giggled beside him while Junhong and Daehyun looked at each other with big eyes, having a true conversation there, the communication between members brought to a whole new level.

Don't look at me like that !

But it's you ! What did you do ?!

Youngjae eyed them from the corner of his eyes, a bit suspicious about what they could be thinking of.

"It's Junhong and Daehyun, I'm sure." Yongguk crosses his arms on his chest after denouncing the boys, automatically putting the focus on them.
"Did you stole one of my product ?! Daehyun it must be you !"
"I didn't stole anything !"
"Why do you keep asking anyway hyung ?" Junhong asks innocently, blinking as usual. "It's nothing."
"Cause I hate that smell, it's so girly, can't you guys just buy simple lotions, or shampoo ? Whatever it is..."
"Do you have something to hide ?" Himchan raises an eyebrow to the maknae. No one mess with his stuff.
"No ! It's the first time I come here !"
"Second.." Jongup clarifies.
"Gosh it's just a cream !! A.. hand cream." Youngjae glances at Daehyun, saying something there with his eyes too. "It smells like cherry and I had two so I gave one to Junhongie and Daehyun uses the other, that's all ! Can we eat now ?"

Youngjae looked at his two hyungs to make them stop fussing about it, then at the two boys that he just saved from a possible humiliation.

"Do you like it Junhong ? The cream ?" He asks suddenly, making the younger's heart drop all the way to his stomach and his mind go blank. Daehyun chokes on his rice and Himchan tells him to be careful in a whiny tone, while feeding Jongup, who isn't even next to him, but between Youngjae and Yongguk, shamelessly blocking the leader from his food.
"Ye-yeah.. Thanks hyung.." Junhong mumbles in front of that scary boy who obviously knew everything, but who was still playing the game and even pushing the envelope even more to his own pleasure.
"Can I use it too ?!" Jongup asks, not even done with chewing on his food.
"Don't talk with your mouth full !" Himchan scolds leaning over Yongguk again.
"Can you stop that !?" The elder pushes Himchan away with his elbow, the latter finding nothing more manly than sticking his tongue out to protest.
"No, it's mine." Junhong bites on his omelette.
"Come on it's better when you share Junhong !" Himchan joins the conversation.

Was Youngjae pure evil or a genius ? Junhong really wondered. If he didn't do it Yongguk and Himchan would jump on him, asking if there was something wrong between him and Jongup, starting a never ending discussion full of lies and leading to another depression. But if he shared the said hand cream.. What the hell would Jongup think about it ? Would he finally understand something or not ? It would be fun to try..

Anyway, thanks to the Brain, Junhong was in troubles now.



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