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Sunny day - P.2

Title : Sunny day
Pairing : Junhong/Youngjae
Rating : PG
Summary : Junhong hated the sun and the hot weather so used to spend his summers at home when Jongup wasn't there to play with him, until he met Youngjae, a clumsy boy who apparently was used to drop his stuff on the floor. On that sunny day it was Junhong who fell, and in more ways than one.
Word Count : 5912
A/N : How to end a part ? OTL Late, super late I'm sorry again lol

"Junhongie are you going out again ?"

"Yes mom !"

"It's Sunday, I don't think that need to meet your friends every day Junhong..."

Jeez.. For real ?! First she told him to go out and have fun, now she was complaining about it ?

"Mooom !" Junhong whines at the door. Today, like the previous ones in the week, he didn't brought his skateboard with him when he went to the park, so now he could simply drag his feet to the living room and ask why his mom was being so incoherent, without being afraid of getting caught.

"What ? No I'm not, you could clean your room today don't you think ? It's quite a mess."
"But I need to go mom ! Please !" Junhong whines again getting on his knees behind the sofa where his mom is sitting. She turns to him with a puzzled look, her eyes narrowed at her son. Junhong, whose only his head can be seen above the back seat, raises his eyebrows helplessly to maybe make her change her mind.
"Is it that important ? Can't you wait tomorrow ? You can text them or.. chat with them on your computer I don't know. Don't argue with me, you're staying home today Junhong. Since when are you so impatient to go out hm ?" She turns back to the tv, switching the channels. Junhong stays there a moment, letting his body slowly slump on the floor.
"Unfair.." He cries.
"I won't yield Junhong, you're staying home."

Junhong lay there a few other minutes, five maybe ten ? Sprawled on the floor even when his dad arrived in the living room after waking up, probably worrying about his son's mental condition. What was the matter anyway ? Not everyone stayed at home on Sunday right ? Life was still going on and maybe Youngjae was at the park Sunday because it wasn't closed like most of the good places in town.

Youngjae.. Youngjae, Youngjae.

He was haunting Junhong's mind day and night. The younger couldn't spend an hour without wondering where Youngjae was and what he was doing more interesting than going to the park to see him again. Did he not want to meet Junhong again ? Maybe he was just being polite last time when he said that they should go out together with Daehyun.


Was he with Youngjae all the time ? He was his bestfriend so it would be quite logical and normal after all. Junhong started to freak out thought, what if Daehyun told Youngjae how he was physically and Youngjae didn't like it ? All the kids at school made fun of Junhong because of his height, as if he was some kind of distorted kind of being that would never stop growing up.

Junhong wipes his eyes, a bit too wet for his liking, crying is for the weak. He stands up and walks to his room, locking the door behind him. If it's like that, he'll stay in his bed and wait for tomorrow to come faster while sleeping or watching countless of videos on youtube to maybe stop thinking for a second that he had fell in love with a perfect stranger.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nothing, another week had been spent out at the park without seeing Youngjae anywhere. Junhong was dying under the sun with his ipod and a simple water bottle everyday on the bench for hours. So much that one of the little girl that was often here with her mom at the playground, started to talk about him to her mom. Junhong saw it, she was pointing right at his face before her mom put her tiny hand down. Whatever she said, Junhong preferred to go back home before they started getting weird ideas about him.

Junhong was getting depressed as the days passed by, this feeling of emptiness never left his chest, and remained there as a heavy and painful burden that only brought anxiety, making his heart pound for no reasons at some random times of the day when he would start thinking about it. Junhong tried to cheer himself up by thinking that Youngjae would show up someday but he couldn't help to be scared about the opposite. He walked all the way from the park to the street of the skate shop, without really paying attention to something in particular around, even if he would have probably helped him a bit. At the level of the bus stop, he walked into someone. "Watch out !!" The teenager blurted glaring at Junhong who bowed a little to apologize before bumping into someone else with his back, a woman this time. "Aigo be careful !" She said annoyed while Junhong bowed again. What a crappy day..

"Oh Junhong !"

Daehyun ?

Junhong's eyes opened wide and he suddenly felt alive and happy again seeing his brunette next to the other. He took a few other steps to join them, a smile hooked on his face when Youngjae fixed his bangs and his hat before turning to him. He and Daehyun both had a big suitcase and another bag on the shoulder.

"What's up ?" The blond smiled pulling his suitcase at his feet.
"Uhm, I was just.. walking around." Junhong nods peeking at Youngjae. Does he look cuter than the last time or.. ? "Are you going somewhere ?"
"No we're going back home actually."
"We spent the week at the beach ! See ? I didn't get a sunburn Junhong, Daehyun told me I tanned a little though." Youngjae smiles brightly stretching his arms before him.
"Are you making fun of me ?" Junhong grins.
"No no !" Youngjae shakes his head cutely, letting drop his arms back on his sides. "I wouldn't."
"We should go now Youngjae, I'm tired." Daehyun interrupts replacing his backpack on his shoulder.
"Oh.. yeah."
"C-Can I help ?"
"No we're fine, I already called a friend thanks."
"Daehyun you can't take the two suitcases by yourself, it's ok if Junhong help us."
"If you want.." The blond sighs moving ahead first. Junhong stands there like an idiot for a second before realizing that it is the moment to help. He picks up Youngjae's suitcase and looks up at him.
"I think.. do you.." Junhong starts mumbling in front of the other. He can't let Youngjae alone and walk by himself right ? "Ehm.. givemeyourhand.." He mutters quickly reaching for the older's hand before he can even trying to understand what Junhong said to him.

Junhong pulled Youngjae closer as he started following Daehyun. He felt his heart racing again, for another reason obviously this time. Junhong was biting his lips to hide a blissful smile spreading on them even if Youngjae couldn't see, what if Daehyun turned around and saw him ? Junhong surely looked like an idiot right now, he knew it but he couldn't help. It felt like Youngjae shifted closer to him too, squeezing his hand a bit more than at the beginning, not in a surge of fondness though, rather of fear.

"You ok ?" Junhong asks softly looking at him.
"It's not that I don't trust you, I'm used to walk like that with Daehyun but.. it's the first time with you so it feels weird."
"Different I mean ! It's different.."
"In a good way I hope then ?"
"I think." Youngjae nods with a light chuckle.

They crossed the little bridge above the river to reach another street on the other side not very far away. On the way, Youngjae clung on Junhong like his life depended on it and the other actually enjoyed it a lot. He found himself noticing that Youngjae would fit perfectly on his shoulder if they were hugging.. Junhong felt another rush of joy in his brain and bit his lips again. Before them, Daehyun finally stopped in front of a car parked along the sidewalk. The man who was leaning on its side helped Daehyun putting his suitcase in the trunk. The blond then turned to Junhong and Youngjae, an annoyed frown on his face telling the younger to hurry up or else some bad things would happen.

"Can we walk a bit faster ? I don't wanna be kicked by Daehyun."
"Oh sure ! Sorry for that..."
"I don't mind, don't be sorry."
"Being kicked by Daehyun ?" Youngjae chuckles.
"No walking with you !" Junhong claims quickly, maybe too quickly ?
Youngjae laughs. "Why are you so nice ? We don't even know each other."

What to say after that ? I like you since that first time at the park. Would it be ok to say it now ? Junhong stayed silent a moment, but he learnt well from the last time he kept his mouth shut after Youngjae said something. Nothing good happened and Junhong would never repeat the same mistake.

"I want to be your friend."

He automatically cringed at himself hearing those words coming out from his mouth for real, it sounded so different in his head. Youngjae just scoffed and they arrived at the level of the car. The man came to pick up the suitcase and Daehyun called Youngjae for him to get in the car. Only then, Junhong realized that they were still holding each other's hands. He withdrew awkwardly, clenching his fist at the loss of Youngjae's hand.

"Well.. Bye then."
"No wait.." Youngjae reaches for him, surprised to bump his hand on Junhong sooner than expected, and on his belly on top of that, realizing that the other didn't moved at all actually. "Sorry.." He takes back his hand quickly.
"What ?" The younger says in a little airy laugh, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.
"If you want we can.. hang out tomorrow ? I have nothing else to do and.. yeah it would be great."

It hit Junhong brain like a blast, letting him speechless once again in front of his brunette. At a loss of words, the only thing he proceeded to do was to nod and let a shy yes escaping his lips. This was nothing, a simple invitation at the park again probably but never mind, Junhong smiled jut like he had won the a billion wons at the lottery.

"Yes !" He repeats not bothering to hide his excitement. Youngjae's cheeks rise up and he nods one time.
"Alright, see you tomorrow then. 1PM at the park ?"

Junhong hummed leaning to the other before he could even know what he was doing. Honestly he leaned to hug him but he refrained himself just in time before he was too close. Junhong didn't know exactly what pushed him to stop. Maybe Daehyun behind staring at him from the car ? Yeah.. probably.

Saturday morning, Junhong woke up early, too excited to stay in his bed any more longer. It was 8AM and the day promised to be great. By his window while opening the shutters, Junhong could see some clouds in the sky, not enough to bring the rain, but the weather was still better than the previous days. He inhaled the fresh air deeply and got goosebumps, he really couldn't wait this afternoon.

His parents were still sleeping so Junhong was free to watch whatever he wanted while eating his cereals. Unfortunately even the good series or shows didn't catch his attention more than five minutes straight, Junhong kept thinking back about Youngjae and what would they do during the day. It made him nervous and almost loosing his appetite.

It took him twice the time to finish his bowl before he ran to wash it in the kitchen. With nothing to do then, he walked back to his room to decide what he should wear. It was just like a first date right ? No ? ... Anyway, Junhong took it seriously, forgetting a moment that Youngjae wouldn't mind if he was wearing totally mismatched colors.

He opted for his favorite pair of washed jeans and a dark gray shirt with matching sneakers. It was casual enough without being too classy either. He turned around to check the hour on his clock, 8:54AM. Junhong pouted in front of his mirror, the time passed too slowly. He went for a shower and tried to stay there the longest time possible, but not wanting to waste water and increase the bill without reason he got out barely half an hour later. Well, it was better than nothing.

After a few hours spent in front of his laptop again, which he found really boring by the way, the time had finally come. Around midday he left in hurry after a quick lunch despite his mom nagging. "Bye !" Junhong chuckled before closing the door.

He arrived at the park about forty minutes later. The sky had got a bit darker since this morning and probably for the first time of his life Junhong wished that the rain didn't come. He walked nervously to the playground area, Youngjae was already there on his bench.

Junhong felt his heart fastening as well as he hurried his pace to meet the other. At the level of the bench, when Junhong was about to open his mouth to greet him, Youngjae lift his head towards him. "Junhong ?" He asked with a tiny smile. The younger was taken aback and it took him a few seconds to answer.

"Ye-yeah, how do you know ?" He mumbles.
"People just doesn't walk that close when they're people on a bench. C'mon sit down !"

Youngjae shifted on the bench to face Junhong like the other times and he put his hands before him, flat on the wooden planks. Junhong frowned, a little confused by that but he said nothing. Actually none of them said anything. It was that kind of awkward silence between two people who wanted to talk to each other, but who didn't know how to start or just what to say. Youngjae removed his hands from the bench and fixed his bangs. Junhong didn't like it, what did he miss ? Maybe Youngjae wanted something but he didn't get it so he decided at least to start the conversation.

"How are you ?"
"Fine I guess.. A bit worried though, they said it might rain today."
"Really ?!"
"Can't you see it ?" Youngjae chuckles.
"Yes but.. I thought it would be ok for today. I don't have an umbrella."
"I got one, don't worry."
"Do you carry your whole house in there ?" Junhong jokes patting Youngjae's bag resting on his stomach.
"Don't laugh ! If I forget something I'm screwed you know ?" Youngjae whines in a laugh.
"Ah yes.."

Junhong's throat tightened painfully. He turned to Youngjae, watching him through sad eyes, an helpless look that the other couldn't see. Youngjae was playing with the little bear hanging on the zipper of the front pocket of his bag. Junhong opened his mouth as if about to say something, but closed it right away when his voice came out like a strangled cry. Youngjae raised his head up and Junhong quickly turned away, biting his lips and wiping his teary eyes.

"Something's wrong ?" Youngjae asks hesitantly.

Junhong cleared his throat. Of course something was wrong, everything was messed up. He was here with Youngjae but he couldn't do anything to show him how much he appreciated him. First Youngjae was a boy, he surely didn't like Junhong the same way as he did. Secondly, he was blind. There was always this awkward tension when they were together, Junhong just never knew what to do. Forced to face the fact that Youngjae would never be able to see him each time they met, made him uncomfortable and clumsy when he just wanted to hold him tight. But there again he couldn't do that cause they weren't close, not friends, neither lovers, just.. acquaintances. "No, no." He said when he was sure his voice wouldn't betray him again.

The sky had gotten a bit darker and a few droplets started falling.

"Oh no ! I thought it would rain later in the afternoon !" Youngjae says in a whiny tone, hurrying to find his umbrella in his bag.
"What should we do ?" Junhong looks up. Stupid clouds... Why today ?

Junhong looked up at the sky, cursing what he loved the most in the weather. It was weird he thought, there was nothing pleasant at all this time. The grayish shade of the clouds made the whole atmosphere gloomy and the few kids running around started whining to their mom that they didn't want to go back home. Junhong didn't want to go back home neither, he had been waiting this day for so long. What a loss, he sighed.

The younger was already pouting and sulking on his side of the bench when he got startled by Youngjae shifting next to him all of a sudden, really close to him. "We should go to the mall or something like that." He said looking up at Junhong, eyes not focused on him of course but it got the younger stuck. Having his face that close made his heart go crazy and he found out that Youngjae had moved to take him under the umbrella too. Junhong felt even more flushed.

"I-I like your umbrella.." He mumbles unable to look at the other. He barely moves either, his body only following the rise and fall of his nervous breathing. He keeps his hands for himself too, fists firmly clinging on his knees.
"Uh.. Thanks ?" Youngjae lets out a little laugh, then looks above him. "I liked to watch the rain falling but never reaching me, and.." He turns to face the playground. "Daehyun told me to buy this one because I couldn't chose a color, he got pissed off after thirty minutes of me searching for the perfect umbrella. At the end I think that buying a transparent one was a really good idea." He smiles.

At that moment Junhong honestly asked himself why he would always start a conversation which would end up by Youngjae recalling one of his past memory, from when he was still able see. Junhong felt bad and all weird inside, as if about to cry but without tears this time.

"So, where do want to go now ?"
"I.. I don't know actually." Junhong admits shyly. The rare times he went out with Jongup, they'd spend the day outside skating in abandoned sites or dancing here and there in parks. Junhong wasn't really the type of boy knowing the last trendy places in town to hang around.
"If you can take me to the mall then, I know a great bakery there, they make the best ice-creams and cakes I ever tasted. We won't have to worry if the rain gets harder."
"Ok.." Junhong nods before getting up.

As the perfect clumsiest boy ever, Junhong shoved his hands in his pockets and started walking away, head full of useless thoughts about how much indeed he was clumsy. It's only after two or three steps, when Youngjae called his name in a quizzical way that Junhong remembered that real life didn't stop going when he was lost in his mind, that Youngjae still couldn't see anything. Shit.

"Sorry !" He apologized walking back. What an idiot..
"It's ok.." Youngjae chuckles.
"Do you.. want me to hold your hand ?"
"Only if you want to ! I don't want to bother you.."
"I already told you that I didn't mind !" Junhong grabs his hand in a quick motion before letting more stress flood into his brain, but as soon as he stands close to the other, he hits his head on the umbrella, letting out a little "ah" out of surprise.
"Oh my gosh did I hurt you ?!"
"No, no." Junhong assures with an embarrassed laugh. Why is he panicking ? It's not like it was the first time they hold hands.. They did that too when Junhong was helping him to carry his suitcase, so it shouldn't be a problem now.
"I think you should keep it.. It will be much more safer for you." Youngjae says handing him the umbrella.

They walked in the streets without talking that much. Youngjae often apologized for being a bit too clingy when he couldn't figure what was happening around him, like a non identified noise or something or someone touching him all of a sudden. It made him jump a bit and Junhong laughed softly, repeating again and again that he was totally fine with that, he understood. Youngjae smiled shyly and squeezed himself some more on the younger for his safety. At a certain point, they reached the stairs going down to the subway station. Junhong had been cautious enough to inform Youngjae about it so he didn't stumble and fall down, but then the older stopped straight.

"Wait.. Are we going to take the subway ?" He asks reaching for the guard rail, another way to tell Junhong that he wouldn't make any step further.
"Yeah, why ?" Junhong blinks, stepping in front of him to let a busy man pass by. Youngjae seems scared.
"Why don't we take the bus ?"
"Uh.. With the subway we'll be there directly, no need to change the bus line right ?"
"Listen I.. I'm sorry Junhong.. but I can't.. I can't take it."
"You'll be fine don't worry." Junhong tugs on the other's hand, eventually sneaking his arm behind his back to make him move. Youngjae shuts his eyes, to open them back with a sigh.
"I really hate crowded places you know ? It scares me more than crossing the road. I must be dumb.." He says with a faint smile. "But people can be really careless sometimes."
"I'll kick their ass !"
"Thanks." Youngjae giggles. "Just.. don't lose me there please." His smile fades into a more serious one. "I really don't know why I'm accepting that."
"Cause you want to eat ice-cream quickly ?" The younger asks playfully.
"Yeah probably." Youngjae answers with a little laugh.

They got down to the station as the rain started falling harder outside. Junhong closed the umbrella and gave it back to Youngjae before they went to buy tickets. Again, and more than ever, Youngjae stuck to Junhong in the middle of the noisy agitation around. He felt oppressed, as if people were just a few centimeters away from him even if the place wasn't crowded that much. In front of the machine he had a hand holding Junhong's shoulder so he wouldn't forget to take him like earlier. It wouldn't be funny here.

Junhong apparently turned around, ready to go, and it startled Youngjae. He was already freaking out and was ready to scream for someone to get him out of his hell, but at his surprise, Junhong's arm was back around him, at the level of his shoulders this time, just like Daehyun uses to hold him when they are walking around together. Youngjae instantly relaxed.

When the subway arrived, Junhong felt Youngjae tense in his hold so he ran his hand softly from his arm to his shoulder in little motions, not daring to move too much. They stepped in and Junhong asked him if he wanted to sit somewhere. The brunette shook his head. "I want to stay close to you, if you don't mind.." His tone went lower by the end of his sentence. Junhong smiled and quickly caught the metal rod when the subway drove off. Youngjae stumbled a bit and crashed nose first on Junhong's chest.

"Be careful !" Junhong chuckles holding him tight there.
"I really hate this.." Youngjae grumbles, standing straight.
"Only five stations to the mall, it won't last long." Junhong says in a soft voice. He feels really good with Youngjae in his arms. He could stay hours like that and never let go. Junhong almost wished that they had more time to spend here. Youngjae's hot breath tickling his neck and his hand ghosting on his side just in case he would need to hold on something, make Junhong feel all fuzzy inside. And here comes the stupid smile. "You can lean on me if you want.." The younger offers shyly.
"Yeah ?"
"Hm." Junhong nods enjoying the moment to sneak his hand between Youngjae's back and his bag, just above his waist.

When Youngjae wrapped his arms around his body, Junhong almost had a heart attack. It was pounding hard in his chest and he felt his legs getting wobbly. Not exactly the right moment to be weak though, but Youngjae seemed to get more and more comfortable on Junhong as they passed the different stations on their way, so it was hard to keep calm.

"Why is your heart beating so fast ?" Youngjae gets on tiptoes to murmurs directly into Junhong's ear for him to hear him well, sending chills down to his spine.
"I.. I'm just happy." Junhong bends a little to talk in the other's ear too.
"Why is that ?" The older rests his head on Junhong's shoulder, the other beginning to stroke his back lightly with his thumb.
"To be here.."
"In the subway ?" Youngjae cuts him in a little laugh.
"No no.. I mean... I'm happy to spend the day with you."
"Me too." Youngjae nuzzles his face in the younger's neck.

The tip of his nose was a bit cold, but Junhong loved how Youngjae really fitted well there. He felt like melting now, his brunette was so cute. Junhong didn't know how things evolved that quickly, but this ambiguous atmosphere between them pleased him. Both of them touched each other a bit more when one would take the first step. While Junhong's hand kept going lower on the other's back, Youngjae's fists clenched on the younger's shirt as he pressed himself the more he could on him. Thus far, nothing more than friendly touches, until Youngjae started ghosting Junhong's neck teasingly with his lips to eventually kiss him lightly. Thankfully, the subway car were kinda full at the moment so they weren't the focus of anyone in particular. The people around were mostly paying attention to their phone or mp3 player, some other sleeping early in the day instead.

It was just a simple kiss, an innocent and light kiss, but Junhong went crazy. There was no way Youngjae didn't feel it, pressed as he was on the younger's chest. Junhong whimpered softly, inaudibly in the hubbub around. It really took him by surprise, he would have never thought that Youngjae had this kind of feeling for him, let alone that he would do something like that.

A bit before their station, Junhong turned Youngjae over so he was facing the exit door. Youngjae didn't like it much, being first in line, but it wasn't like he had the choice anyway. When the subway stopped, Junhong led him outside, pushing him with his hands laid on his hips.

In the mall Youngjae tried his best to explain where the bakery was to Junhong, but the younger got lost despite his indications. Youngjae wasn't upset after the long minutes they spent walking around though, being guided by a blind person was kinda hard to deal with. Especially when that same blind person wasn't sure where the bakery was exactly located in the mall. "I think it's the third floor if it's not the second.." Youngjae said with care to Junhong. He was annoyed not to be able to even go where he wanted. When he came with Daehyun the blond guided him, so Youngjae didn't really paid attention to the details around as he was usually used to when he walked in a new place. They talked, took the escalator one or two time, they laughed, walked a bit, turned somewhere, tickled each other and Daehyun would say that they had arrived. Youngjae didn't remember anything more than these very vague memories. "Ok.." Junhong said.

When Junhong found nothing at the third floor neither, the two eventually decided to go down to the first floor to find a plan of the mall and its shops. Youngjae felt really bad for being such a burden, but he didn't apologize this time, he was too embarrassed to do so. He didn't want to bother Junhong more than he probably was so he stayed quiet beside him, making sure to never let go of his hand. "Oh.. You were right.. It's at the second floor." Junhong finally talked after a little silence. Youngjae could feel the guilt in his voice, and he could almost see Junhong turned to him, eyebrows raised apologetically and chewing on his lower lip. It was cute he thought. "I thought I was the blind one.." Youngjae joked poking the younger's belly playfully. "Sorry !" He said in a laugh before they walked back to the second floor.

In front of the green mint facade, Junhong wondered how the hell he had missed the bakery. It was big and cute and very bright inside. There were pictures of cupcakes on the glasses, and a guy with a white cap serving ice-cream to people who just wanted something simple before going back to shopping. He thought that he has indeed some kind of vision troubles, but then he remembered looking at the clothing store at the other side of the alley when they walked here. He didn't tell Youngjae.

"There we are !" He says happily, eyes wide at the amount of things he could choose to put in his ice-cream.
"Finally." Youngjae sighs in relief.

The waiting line wasn't that long before the counter, but long enough to let Junhong have the time to acknowledge most of the flavours, candies, grouts and others little cookies. In front of all this yummy sweet things, he felt his stomach growling already and his mouth watering. They really had everything here, it was the ice-cream paradise.

"I think I'm gonna mix vanilla and chocolate, and add chocolate fudge and m&m's on top ! With a brownie under it too."
"Wow." Youngjae laughs.
"What about you ?"
"Hm.. Something simple I think. A green tea scoop, maybe two."
"Only that ?! There's a lot of things you know ? I can help you choosing."
"I already know what they have, I'll just stick to that.. Can you order for me ?"
"Yeah sure.." Junhong pouts before greeting the waitress at the counter.

After ordering the sweet delights, the two sat down at one of the table at the back of the room to be at peace. Junhong put the tray down to the table and turned around to see that Youngjae was already about to sit, his fingers sliding on the table to help him locating the bench seat.

"Do you come here that often ?" Junhong asks, a bit saddened by the fact that Youngjae and Daehyun in fact might used to come here more than just a few times.
"No.. What do you mean by that often ?"
"I mean that you didn't need me to know where to sit.. Do you come at this table with Daehyun too ?" Junhong decides to sit by Youngjae's side, he'll be closer like that.
"Only one time so far.. But you know.. there's no need to be a genius to find a seat." Youngjae shrugs.
"Hm.." Junhong puts Youngjae's bowl in front of him before giving him his spoon. "Here."
"Thanks. Why do I feel like you don't like him ? He's my bestfriend, of course we do things together too."
"No, I don't.. dislike him." He starts eating.
"What then ? Are you jealous ?" Youngjae teases, voice full of mischief.
"I just don't want you to remember memories with him when were making ours.." The younger mumbles sulking above his bowl.
"Aw that's cute !" Youngjae squeals covering his mouth with his hands, but he's the cute one doing that. Junhong feels the heat creeping on his cheeks and his heart racing again. Youngjae fixes his bang and turns back to him. "Can I have a bite ?"
"See ! Now you wanna steal mine !"
"No I'm not !" Youngjae whines, shaking his head. "I just want a little bite of the brownie please." He leans a bit to Junhong's side of the table.
"I can order one for you if you want."
"Noo ! Junhong-ah just a bite ! Why are you like this ?!" He frowns half laughing, starting to get annoyed.
"Fine, fine ! Here." Junhong cuts a bit of his brownie, making sure that a bit of the hot chocolate fudge is on it. "Say ah~" He hands his spoon to the older, putting his other hand under it to prevent any eventual drop.
"Thanks." Youngjae smiles chewing on the chocolate cake.
"Why don't you want more than just a bite ?"
"Don't question me." He shifts back to his side
"Give me that then !" Junhong steals Youngjae's spoon and his bowl by the way, the other meeting the air instead of the metallic object.
"Hey !"
"Let me feed you ! If you can guess which side is the ice-cream I'll let you eat it, if you fail it's for me." Junhong says playfully, ignoring now his own bowl.
"That's not fair.." Youngjae pouts, resigning himself to play Junhong's little game.

He guessed wrong three times in a row, what bad luck... Or maybe Junhong lied to him ? Youngjae would never know, in any case, the younger was eating his ice-cream right now. "Are you tricking me ?" Youngjae sighed while Junhong was giggling in front of him, assuring that no, he wasn't cheating. After two other tries Youngjae finally made it and got a little too excited by his victory. Instead of letting Junhong feeding him after guessing right, he leaned a bit too much to him, or the spoon.. whatever, and ended by bumping it with the corner of his lips. No serious accident though, he just licked off the bit of ice-cream there and was ready for the next guess. The thing is that it kept happening afterwards. Youngjae wondered if he was just being clumsy or if Junhong was playing with him now, but he said nothing and kept whining and giggling with the kid whenever it happened.

After a few minutes, Youngjae lost the track of his defeats and wins. He didn't even know how much ice-cream he had still to eat, but he could swear that he heard Junhong's breath hitch near to his face after an umpteenth fail of his, when he was about to lick away the ice-cream. It surprised him but he decided to believe it was just his imagination. A second later, Junhong's lips barely a millimeter away from his own, and he was sure about it now.

Junhong licked himself the ice-cream this time, his tongue shyly tracing the green line he made on purpose on the other's plump lower lip. Youngjae froze a moment, his brain trying to acknowledge the fact that the cute 15 years old boy he met a few weeks ago was kissing him. Instead of pulling back and in order to avoid the awkward oh my gosh I'm sorry I didn't want to.. Youngjae closed his eyes, plainly parted his lips and leaned to let their lips and tongue meet in a sweet kiss. He barely moved that Junhong pulled back, letting out a little whine out of surprise.

"What ?" Youngjae asks, a bit worried to have gone too far.
"I.. I didn't know you would kiss back." Junhong mutters shyly after a little silence.
"I should be the one surprised !"
"I just really wanted to do it.." He bites on his lip out of nervousness. Did I make him angry again ?
"Can we switch and try with yours then ? I'm tired of green tea. And I'll kiss back of course.. if you don't mind."



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Oct. 30th, 2012 04:40 pm (UTC)
Oh... gosh,how cute is this?! I mean, like, uber uber uber uber cute.
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I loved it. I love the ending! Its them, well i think it is. I don't know, it just fits them.

Word genius. You. *nods head* <3
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I know ! It turned out so fluffy I love them omg ;A; This pairing is the cuter ever ; 3; Thank you I'm glad you liked it that much !

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I love the ending. Do not stress about it! It is perfect.
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The amount of ffluffiness is just the best thing ever. I seriously love you right now <3
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omg thank you so much for letting me know you updated!!!
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This is so cute! I've been waiting for an update on this, I'm so happy~
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this is so cute!!! i cant help but ROFL-ing at their cute acts!
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i'll wait patiently for the next update~ looking forward to read the next chapter :D
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I think it's the first fluffy story I ever wrote and I'm myself fangirling at all the cute in this otp ;v; Awesome ? Haha Thank you ♥
I think I might start the next part soon actually ! :D Thanks again for reading o/

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