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Mind Control

Title : Mind Control
Pairing : Youngjae/Daehyun
Rating : Nc-17
Summary : When the Brain finds a bottle of lube in their hotel room, and wittily finds a way not to get his hands dirty.
Word Count : 2466
A/N : Side-story smut of Childish Game. It was supposed to be posted under Cockblockers but no one is cockblocking there so.. yeah. Enjoy \o/

Shouldn't Youngjae-hyung wash his hands too then ?

Ehm no.. He didn't touch it.

Did he just watched ?

Kind.. of...

As soon as Daehyun stepped in the hotel room, Youngjae locked himself in the bathroom to take a quick shower before dinner. Daehyun crawled lazily on his bed, letting out a heavy sigh of relief as the day was finally over. If it wasn't for Youngjae making use of his beautiful voice under the water jets, Daehyun would have closed his eyes and let himself dive into a deep sleep.

Youngjae didn't sing often in the shower, actually he did that only when he and Daehyun were alone in the dorm. Daehyun ended by thinking that Youngjae was trying to charm him every time, and even if it wasn't the case, it was always nice to have a quality voice as background while relaxing after a busy day.

Half an hour later the doorknob clicked, Daehyun opened his eyes right away awoken from his little snooze. He turned to the door as the younger called his name, throwing something on the second bed which was the closest to the bathroom. "Daehyunie, look what I've found !" He said with a bit of excitement in the voice before returning in the bathroom a moment.

Daehyun got up from his bed and shuffled his way to the other bed slowly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. In front of the bed, his gaze fell on a little pink bottle and he assumed that it was the thing Youngjae was talking about. He took it and sat cross-legged on the mattress, examining the bottle with a frown, not quite completely awake yet.

His frown gave place to a sudden shocked expression, when he finally read the words Sweet cherry flavored lube at the front. Now wide awake he asked Youngjae if he had bought it before their trip, to which the younger replied with a shake of his head. "It was in the cabinet under the sink." He came back and sat on the bed, facing Daehyun, drying his hair with a towel. "I wanna try it." He added. "You mean.. n-now ?" Daehyun looked up, puzzled, they didn't have time, he didn't take a shower, he was tired, the others could comeback any time and.. fuck Youngjae's lips were too appealing.

"Yes." he whispered on the older's jaw, running his left hand on his nape lovingly.

Daehyun let go of the bottle to focus on the horny boy in front of him, cupping his jaw to take him in a slow and sloppy kiss. As Youngjae settled in a better sitting position, Daehyun started to run a hand under his shirt, softly tracing any kind of lines on his back. The younger responded by landing his other hand on his chest, pushing him on the bedhead. Like that Youngjae was mostly leaning on him.

"Take off your shirt Daehyun.." Youngjae broke the kiss, panting on the other's lips, both of his hands now sliding on Daehyun's slim waist, up to his shoulder blades and above his head. Daehyun's bangs were in a mess after that and Youngjae laughed softly, resuming their previous activity.

Daehyun quickly got turned on by how his boyfriend was initiating tonight, yet keeping that languorous and calm style of his. Daehyun was much of a keen guy and not the kind to beat around the bush to get what he wanted, not at all, so together with Youngjae they kind of complemented each other very well.

He groped him and quickened the pace of their kiss, making Youngjae groan on his lips, puffing hot air on the wet skin while sitting up before Daehyun could do anything more. "Lie down hyung." He pulled his legs at little with a pout. "Why are you acting cute now Jae' ?" Daehyun cooed in a grin, doing what he was told to do.

Youngjae shifted a bit to make room to Daehyun's legs on that simple bed, and settled between them as close as possible of his body, making them inevitably lying on his own thighs. "Looks like your about to fuck me.." Daehyun crooked a brow suspiciously when he propped himself on his elbows. "I won't." The younger chuckled, leaning again to catch his lips while palming him through his jeans. Daehyun was already pretty hard despite his said fatigue, and he grabbed Youngjae's shoulder as he pressed harder and harder on his bulge, torturing him in the best possible way.

"Y-Youngjae, take it off." Daehyun still asked, panted, moaned, not enjoying being teased that way. "So impatient." Youngjae went down to his neck, kissing the flesh lightly, making his way to his chest and nipple, giving it a little bite and lick. "You taste funny." He moved to the second, giving it the same treatment. "You were the one wanti-Ah !" Daehyun yelped as Youngjae bite the pink button harder. "Shut up." The younger ended his path at the hem of the jeans, tracing his fingertips teasingly just above, tickling the sensitive skin of Daehyun's lower stomach, tracing the line of an apparent vein going further down. The older groaned in frustration and sat up, reaching for Youngjae's shirt to take it off too. "We don't have time." He said to be pushed down again the next second. "Wait a bit more Daehyunie."

Youngjae, unfastened Daehyun's branded belt and carefully let it slide on the floor, never leaving his lover's eyes, then he undid the button and tugged off the jeans mid-thigh. "Let me take it off entirely." He pulled a little to make him move. "Isn't it enough like that ?" Daehyun hesitantly jerked his hips off the bed for a second. "No hyung." Youngjae tossed the cloth away and bent forward to kiss the other, distracting him from a sneaky hand coming back on the now very obvious tent between his legs. Daehyun gasped breaking the kiss as Youngjae slipped under the thin multi-colored fabric to caress him lightly, hand dry on the soft skin. "Aren't you taking off your clothes too ?" The older whined at the sensation, getting a mixed about this, something between pleasure and discomfort. "What for ?" Youngjae asked simply, remaining as calm as the beginning not even flushed about this, while shifting backwards to take off the last thing covering Daehyun's body, before taking him in his mouth without warning.

Daehyun bit on his lips, a low groan still escaping his mouth at the contact of Youngjae's tongue on his skin. He was slightly confused about this though, frowning as he tried to stay coherent in his thoughts to understand what was happening. "D-did you got me- naked for a- fucking blowjob ?" He panted having the younger sucking him slowly, yet hardly, hollowing his cheeks to create better sensations, while having his hand still stroking the base. Daehyun wasn't really waiting for an answer given the circumstances, and assumed that this was what was happening, Youngjae giving him a blowjob after undressing him to satisfy a kink or whatsoever. He closed his eyes and decided to stop thinking to enjoy his boyfriend's ministrations, locking a hand tightly in his blond hair.

With that in mind, Daehyun was quite annoyed when Youngjae stopped everything after a nice twirl of his tongue and a peck on the head of his cock. "What now ?" Daehyun growled glaring at Youngjae, who resumed his sitting place between his legs. "What are you doing Youngjae ?!" He asked again in an angry tone, following the other from his eyes who was bending at his side to pick up the bottle of lube. "Do you really think you're in the position to talk to me like that Daehyunie ?" He finally opened his mouth, staring at his boyfriend, a mischievous and actually scary grin spreading on his lips.

Daehyun flinched at the pop sound of the cap. "Want me to stop maybe ?" Youngjae started, turning the bottle upside down above Daehyun's hard length before squeezing out some on it. "No.." Daehyun said, emphasizing his word with a quick shake of his head. There wasn't much of it but it dripped so slowly that it was almost too much to bear, yet Daehyun didn't touch, waiting for Youngjae to do something, anything. "Are you scared ?" The younger leaned over him, lips brushing against his ear, his left hand running on his right arm in soft caresses. Daehyun shook his head once again, mesmerized by Youngjae's sweet voice as he let himself draw away by his words. "Good then."

That hand running up and down on his arm, stopped moving and grabbed Daehyun's, guiding to his own awaiting member. "Do it for me then." Daehyun froze in place. "W-what ?" He mumbled, heart starting to race for a whole new reason. "You heard me." Youngjae whispered and tightened his grip on Daehyun's hand, giving a few strokes to encourage him. Daehyun was such a little sissy when it came to try new things. He'd always think that he was the one taking the lead in their relationship, while Youngjae was just a frigid bitch who said no every time. What a joke.

"So.. You're just gonna watch ?" Daehyun asked in a soft voice, almost trembling. "Mostly." Youngjae tugged the front of his shirt  in his belt, not to disturb Daehyun during his little performance, and moved forward some more, so much that Daehyun's lower back wasn't touching the bed anymore. Daehyun swallowed thickly being exposed like that, legs spread at both sides of Youngjae, and having him so close without being naked as well. "Do it slowly ok ?" The younger licked his lobe, giving it a light bite. Daehyun hummed nodding mindlessly before starting to stroke himself, taking the time to coat his length with the lube at first.

Youngjae didn't dwell on Daehyun's ear and shifted to his mouth, playing with him. He licked his lips with that stupid smile of his and only kissed lightly making Daehyun crave for more, always trying to catch those plump lips. How satisfying. "Can't you do that at least ?!" He whined. "Not if you ask like that Daehyunie." Youngjae cooed, fingers tickling his inner thigh. Daehyun shut his eyes with a sharp breath, that well known feeling twisting his guts. It wasn't that bad actually. "Please." He licked his lips, begging the other through heavy eyelids. Youngjae obliged with a grin, melting on him in a deep and wet kiss. Daehyun moaned and wrapped his legs around his waist to get at ease and only then, he noticed that Youngjae wasn't hard at all. "You're a- fucking pervert." He breathed using his free hand to tug at Youngjae's hair sharply. "You don't seem to dislike it."

Youngjae rolled his hips a few times in a slow pace, honestly surprised to see how Daehyun reacted to that. His face contorted a bit more and his breath hitched each time, if not coming out as little airy moans. If they weren't having dinner later in the hour, Youngjae wouldn't be holding back anything, and this probably would have been their first time with reversed roles. Daehyun was so into it that it gave Youngjae many others ideas for the future.

As the minutes passed by, Daehyun's body started to tense and the sounds he made came out erratically. They still had a bit of time though, and Youngjae didn't want to end the show now. "Slow down Daehyunie." He grabbed his wrist forcing the other to adopt another rhythm. "Why so fast ? The others won't come here any time soon." He kissed his full lips lovingly. "D-don't do- that." Daehyun panted, he was close to the edge, it was clearly showing on his face. "I said slowly right ?" Youngjae loosened his grip on his hand without releasing him though. "You're doing well, so keep going like that." He murmured when Daehyun followed the move. The older tried to compose himself in that situation where almost every stroke was a torture. Youngjae wasn't hovering him anymore, but rather watching him from afar after he let go of his hand. He had sit down and was staring at the boy with the legs wide open in front of him.

Naturally, that burning sensation just waiting to gush forth came back quickly, and Daehyun was back to that mindless state getting him moaning all type of things like Youngjae's name or muffled incoherent words. He unwrapped his legs from Youngjae's waist, and let them rely on the mattress, heels digging in the white material of the sheets to help him jerking his hips upwards to thrust in his hand. Youngjae took his wrist again. "Youngjae please !" Daehyun half-moaned, half-complained in that tiny voice, eyes somehow narrowed at the troublemaker. "Ask for it." The younger dared and Daehyun didn't seek for any explanation. He was in the mist and blinded by lust, all he wanted was to get rid of his painful hard-on. "P-Please Young-jae let me." He started, biting his lips while Youngjae kept a firm hold on his wrist. "Let me- come."

As soon as he was free again, the rest didn't take long. Youngjae hold one of his leg and kissed his thigh just under his knee. Daehyun quickened his pace, trying his best to restrain himself from moving too much, eyes locked with his lover until he couldn't anymore. From where he was, Youngjae saw everything, from Daehyun's face to his body tensing before the orgasm. His clenched teeth, then his moist lips opened, his frown, his hardened nipples, his heaving chest, the cum spurting all over his stomach, his hand covered with it plus the lube.. Everything, and he loved it as much as Daehyun seemed to appreciate this.

Daehyun almost yelled Youngjae's name and finally it was over. The younger quickly left his spot to go to the bathroom, much to Daehyun disappointment who at least expected some cuddles or kisses after that. "Are you jerking off too now ?" He asked softly, still trying to catch his breath, smiling at his own question. No answer. Youngjae came back with a towel and threw it on him. Right at this moment someone knocked at the door.

"Clean yourself in the bathroom, I'll tell them that you were taking a shower."
"You told me that we had time !!" Daehyun hissed sitting up.
"How would I know hyung ?" Youngjae shrugged, pouting slightly. It was the final straw, as if being a dick all the time wasn't enough, Youngjae had to put Daehyun in embarrassing situations now.
"Come on hurry up !" Youngjae motioned him to go while he walked to the door.
"Shut up.." Daehyun groaned and ran away to the bathroom, realizing slowly the whole thing. He started blushing and his heart just wouldn't stop pounding. He had been on top since the beginning and he liked that, but why did he liked it as well, if not more, when Youngjae had that dominant side over him ?

What the hell did just happened ?!



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Oct. 10th, 2012 04:07 am (UTC)
Omgggg, can I just love you, dear author? ;~;
You always post your stories likes at unpredictable timing and can I like stalk-I mean, add you as a friend here? :D
I read the first part and can't wait to get back home to read all of it! <3
Oct. 10th, 2012 06:52 am (UTC)
Yeah I know °^° But I really don't know how people can assure that they'll post a chap by week or things like that.. I'm like eeeh but I don't know what to write !! sometimes. Sorry that my inspiration come at random moments xD And I tend to start new things often if I'm tired of writing the same story for hours/days.
Of course you can add me !! I'll add you too by the way, I love your stories too ! :D

Alright ! Come back safely ! :3
Oct. 10th, 2012 07:05 pm (UTC)
Woah! This was like, erm, you know... AMAZING! Loved it ♥
Oct. 10th, 2012 07:13 pm (UTC)
Was it that disturbing ? Haha~
Thanks for reading honey !! :D
Oct. 11th, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)
Oct. 11th, 2012 10:51 am (UTC)
Epic keyboard smash XD
Thank you !!! :D
Oct. 11th, 2012 06:27 am (UTC)
YES. This was perfect, omg. Dominant Youngjae and Needy Daehyun is sooo delicious I just dkfsghulgrgjkldflefhs
Oct. 11th, 2012 10:43 am (UTC)
I know right ?! I love to write them that way ! I just can't see Youngjae as a whiny dominated boy, he's the brain for goodness sake ! XD That's why I love DaeJae, both of them can top or bottom haha~

Thanks for reading !! ♥
Oct. 16th, 2012 01:39 pm (UTC)
-foaming in the mouth-

This. Is. Just. Sidkekvfoakcakfeo!!
I love you, 'kay. ;A;
I just love you.
Dominant!Youngjae is yummy! <3

Oct. 22nd, 2012 05:42 pm (UTC)
I know right ?! This is why I LOVE this otp ! Some people really can't see Youngjae on top and I'm like WHY ? HOW ?!! XD But I guess after that last ep of Killing Camp I understand these them LOL

Thanks for reading ! :DD ♥
Oct. 22nd, 2012 02:01 pm (UTC)
wow. i guess im as shocked as daehyun. this is really an eye-opener (?). hahahaXD
and the 'What the hell did just happened ?!' is so dae's style!

more! i want daejae moments more! HAHAHAXDD
Oct. 22nd, 2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
What do you mean by eye-opener ? For you ? Daehyun ? XD
Yeah I can totally picture him screaming and freaking out about it, our quiet Busan Wonbin is gone XD

More to come in Look at me now ! If I update someday haha.. Thanks for reading !! o/
Oct. 22nd, 2012 11:34 pm (UTC)
lol. i meant Jae being such a f-pervert is really something i didnt expect. hahaha.
and just update it already! you are such a tease! where did you learn it from? Youngjae? XDD oh. it's you who made him like that :P hahahaha

Oct. 22nd, 2012 11:44 pm (UTC)
Oh ok ! Well I thought it was going well with his "brain" character in the team ! Top!Youngjae FTW ! XD
Aaaw I'm sorry ;A; I'm so damn slow about it omg but it's holidays at the end of the week, hopefully I'll work my ass off to do it. I didn't mean to be a tease like him lol I guess we have some common points haha ;D
Dec. 3rd, 2012 06:23 am (UTC)
So, so good. I loved this. <3
Dec. 3rd, 2012 01:39 pm (UTC)
Spreading the top!Jae love with great pleasure !
Thanks for reading :P
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