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Fan - P.1 & 2

Title : Fan
Pairing : Yongguk/Jongup
Rating : Nc-17

Summary : He was just a simple fan. Nothing less, nothing more.
Word Count : 8085
A/N : An anon requested a BangUp on Tumblr so I came up with this. I'm just experimenting LOL Enjoy~


Even if in my dreams everyone ridicules my love
Even though everyone says I am crazy and the entire world disappears
Babe you belong to me, but why are the worthless multitudes taking you away?
No, there is no way. I'll make you see only me
I'll give you everything, I'll make your lips meet mine, I'll go get the world and give it to you
I'll make it so you can never leave me, I'll keep you in my sunken heart
You are My star, I'm your no.1 fan
Baby please, take my hand.

He was amazing tonight, as always. His presence, his voice, his lyrics, no one could shine more than him on stage. Going around and teasing the fans by lifting his shirt a bit too much, improvising freestyle raps for the lucky ones next to the main scene or trying to dance even if he was probably the worst dancer ever, Bang Yongguk was truly the best performer in the eyes of Moon Jongup.

The morning after the concert, Junhong woke up early to update his fansite. He was a famous blogger and he knew that his pictures were some of the most awaited in the community. Jongup didn't really know how he could enjoy the show as much as him by only taking pictures or videos. Instead of going crazy like everyone, Junhong had to find a good spot in the huge mess of the hall, and then stay focused on Yongguk to capture the best of his features while he was constantly moving around.

From under the sheets, Jongup eyed the younger typing and clicking nonstop in front of his laptop through his barely opened eyes. "Have you eaten something at least ?" He asked softly checking the hour, 6am. "Later." Junhong replied mindlessly, totally focused on his task. More than a simple hobby, it was really something that Junhong took seriously. He earned money with that, his fansite was the most popular among all the ones dedicated to the rapper and it recorded thousands of views by day, even more after such big events like yesterday concert.

Jongup yawned. In contrary of Junhong, he was nothing more than a simple fan. Oh well, maybe not just a simple fan, thanks to Junhong he could have more information concerning Yongguk and his favorite places to hang around or to go shopping. The boy was really gifted when it came to follow people discreetly, it was another side of his work. During those days he would take pictures of course, but he would keep some for himself or eventually give them to Jongup if they revealed too much of Yongguk's private life. Junhong respected it, in a way, and he trusted Jongup not to spread these around to make money with a gossip magazine or whatever else.

One of those which Junhong gave to him, showed a
topless Yongguk in the middle of a clothing store, staring straight at the camera. Nothing extraordinary, there were plenty of these on the web, and with a much better quality for sure. Cause this one was a bit blurred unlike most of Junhong's shots. He had took it with his phone that day, faking that his internet connection was bad and whining loudly to catch their attention. Yongguk turned to him with success and the picture was taken. It was Jongup's personal favorite. He even had printed it to complete his well furnished collection on the wall beside his bed. He could admire it everyday, knowing that he was the only one in this world in possession of those pictures. It somehow made him feel special, as if he knew Yongguk personally. It was a beautiful lie he liked to make himself believe into.

Months passed by and the date of another show approached quickly. Yongguk had come back with another album and for his promotions he had dyed his hair in a platine blonde. Junhong and Jongup didn't hesitate a second to do the same, braving the society and breaking the rules of their student life. Their parents screamed, their teacher complained about it but they didn't care for the least. It was actually beneficial for Junhong. Since he was also popular for pictures of himself on the net, a bit like an ulzzang but with other talents than his face only, that new haircut was warmly welcomed by his fangirls.

Jongup was jealous sometimes, even if it was hard to admit it to himself. He was jealous that Junhong was the one who had the most chances to meet Yongguk in real, jealous that he was the one who knew nearly everything about him because he could follow him whenever the rapper was in town. Jongup was just lucky enough to have met Junhong when he was "no one" in middle school. Since then they had been friend because they shared their love for dancing. They would dance after school together and even enter competitions. They weren't as popular as one would believe, but rather the contrary. At school no one understood why they loved dancing so much, it was useless, it led nowhere. However, Jongup and Junhong stuck to their passion together, promising each other to never give up in their dreams even if people around were against them.

The thing is that everything slowly started to change when the boys gained interest in Yongguk and his music. Junhong started spending his time on his computer more and more each afternoon, and it went increasingly by the time. When they entered highschool, Junhong barely danced with Jongup anymore. Jongup felt betrayed. Deep inside he was angry but due to his nature, he let it go and told himself that it was nothing, Junhong had the right to whatever he wanted to do, even if it let Jongup behind, alone with himself and unable to move on.

Jongup still had glitters in the eyes after the last light of the main scene went off. He was out of breath from jumping and his throat was sore after all the cheering. He was a completely different boy during Yongguk's concerts. He poured his heart in everything he did, as if it was his last day on earth. People calmed down a little in the room, their shouting slowly fading. Jongup wiped his bangs off his forehead and took a good breath smiling wide, waiting for the stage to be lightened up again. That moment was always exciting and it gave Jongup goose bumps all the time. Everyone in the audience was waiting for it, staring straight into the dark in front of them, when suddenly a light revealed Yongguk in the middle of the stage, his right arm raised and doing the peace sign with his hand, the other holding the mic to his mouth.

This is B Y to the G !
Yes Sir !!

There was something magical about it. When the crowd shouted a last time in unison after that exciting silence, everything seemed unreal and it made this moment perfect each time, it could be the best actually if it wasn't the end of the show. Yongguk always bowed at least five seconds straight before the lights went off definitely. Jongup always felt the better after Yongguk's performances, for hours he would stop thinking about his boring life, and only focus on his idol. It was honestly for him the best way to fill his mind.

A bit reluctant to leave the place, Jongup finally decided himself when people started pushing towards the exit. The air was chilly outside, Jongup was basically covered in sweat and the little wind rising wasn't helping at all. He has lost his hoodie inside when one of Yongguk's main track start playing. Of course he went crazy like everyone around, and handing the cloth was more bothering than anything at the moment so he tied it around his waist, thinking that he wouldn't have to take care of it for the rest of the show. Well.. maybe he should have made that knot tighter, or have worn something else than the thinner and less covering cloth he had in his wardrobe.

He walked through the crowd slowing heading out of the concert area, rubbing his hands on his arms in quick motions to warm up, and headed to a building across the road where he would be more protected from the wind while waiting for Junhong. He was already shivering and his teeth chattered, he needed to comeback home quickly he thought, his parents wouldn't accept to take care of it if he got sick. Jongup leaning on the wall behind him, reached for his phone in his pocket to call his friend. Come on Junhong.. He shivered sharply after a stronger gust of wind. What are you doing ??

It rang again and again until the voice mail started playing. Did Junhong loose his phone ? Impossible.. He always made sure that all his material was safe before taking the slightest step. Camera, phone, battery, he carried everything with him most of the time, and Junhong clung on his bag like his life depended on it. Loosing his phone would mean loosing his contact list, in other words all his work for the past year would be wiped out in the second. Jongup didn't know how Junhong managed to keep in touch with people working in nightclubs, hair salons or stuff like that.. He was a still a kid ! It was one of the thing that Junhong kept for himself, they had never talked about it, so Jongup assumed that his friend was some kind of genius in social relationship...

The time passed by, ten minutes, twenty and Jongup started to freak out, alone in the night, crouching against the wall. Some people who were still there glanced at him sometimes, probably wondering what he was still doing there but he paid them no attention. It was getting really cold and the wind was still blowing, did Junhong really abandoned him there ? He was the one who knew Daehyun, the boy who drove them here. He and Jongup got along pretty well the few times they met, but Jongup never tried to get closer to him. What if the two had left without him ? It couldn't be.. Jongup knew it but his insecurities often took the lead in his mind and it was just too overwhelming trying to stay positive in these moments. His trembling getting worse, he curled up some more on himself to keep the bit of warmth still emanating from his body.

About fifteen other minutes later his phone started ringing in his hand, and Jongup almost cried of joy when he saw Junhong's id on the little screen. "Where are you ?" He asked right away after picking up. "Coming, coming !! You won't believe what I saw !" Jongup got up and searched for Junhong with his eyes scanning the few groups of people remaining on the area. "Yeah, but p-lease hurry- up, I'm freezing J-junhong." He said when he realized that it was useless searching for him, Junhong was obviously not on the spot or else he would have called earlier. The younger hummed and asked where he was. By his voice you could tell that he was out of breath yet really excited. "I'm- just in front of the- exit g-gate." Jongup stuttered, his lips numb and his teeth still chattering, making it difficult for him to talk. "Alright I'm almost there, but aren't you with Daehyun ? I thought you had his number already." Oh.. yeah.. Junhong probably thought that Jongup and Daehyun were close friends now, he spent so much time alone with his laptop now. It kind of hurt to see that Junhong didn't even notice that Jongup and Daehyun never saw each other again after that one time at the coffee. "I.. I think I- lost it.." He lied. "Oh.. I'll call him ok ? Wait for me I'll be quick."


Jongup wasn't willing to ruin the mood tonight, but he wasn't faking it when it happened that he could no longer speak coherently. When Junhong finally arrived, breathing loudly and cheeks reddened by his run, Jongup was just a trembling ball against a wall in a nearly empty place at this point. His shaking was no joke and Junhong even had to help him get on his feet. Junhong was already pretty worried but it got worse when Jongup tried to talk, it sounded like a weird bunch of words barely audible and mostly making no sense at all. He hugged his friend, trying his best to warm him up, sharing some human heat. Daehyun's car stopped by them on the street a little while after, and the boy hurried out taking off his coat to wrap it around the younger's shoulders. It was warm, warmer than Junhong. Jongup remembered yelling and then he was pulled in the car at the passenger's seat. Foreign arms helped him putting his own in the coat's sleeves before belting him up. A hand landed on his forehead, more yelling, was it Daehyun or Junhong who started ? Jongup didn't know anymore. The door slammed beside and hot air was blowing on his direction. He felt himself drifting away slowly despite his violent shaking.

And then, blackout.

Jongup woke up to the sound of tinkling, maybe his mom was doing the dishes. He curled up under the sheets and groaned softly, cracking his eyes open. He wasn't in his room. He frowned sitting up, examining the area. He had already been there though, once. After a few more glances around it clicked. Daehyun.. Jongup turned around suddenly to see if the other was in his bed. No one. Jongup didn't remember anything after Junhong came back at the end of the concert, just that he was almost freezing to death. He shivered, it was a lot better under the covers, but why was he even there ? Where was Junhong ? Jongup put a foot down, pleased to meet a soft long pile carpet instead of the cold tiles like in his own bedroom. His head pounded and he had a stuffy nose. Shit.

The first person his gaze fell on in this little apartment was Junhong, sitting on the couch wrapped in a grey blanket, with his laptop on the coffee table. The younger lifted his nose from the screen and smiled lightly. "You're finally up !" He said. Jongup nodded even if he didn't understand why he was here too. "You ok ? Daehyun-hyung bought medicine in case you'd be sick.." Junhong motioned a little blue plastic bag on the table with a nod. Since when do you care about me more than your computer ? "I'm fine.." He looked around again. "What are we doing here Junhong ?" He asked walking to the couch, the question tickling him for a while now. "Hyung told me that it would be better if you slept here cause he could have an eye on you." Junhong shrugged. "You're done with your blog ?" Jongup sat beside his friend after grabbing a pillow to hug it. "I did it all this last night but Daehyun-hyung cut the wifi around 3am, I had to re-do some little things this morning, never mind.. I have to show you something !" Junhong said excited. "Remember last night right ? I-" I do, he was cut by Jongup, not glaring at him, but just.. looking at him blankly. Jongup never glared at anyone. "Hm.. yeah so I thought you would like what I found." Junhong said taking his computer on his lap to show Jongup the picture he was talking about since yesterday.

At the first glance it seemed just like a picture of an empty hallway, barely enlightened by the light passing through an ajar door, but looking at it closely you could see two people leaning against the wall facing the door. They were kissing obviously and the person leaning on the wall had a hand under the other's shirt, just on the small of his back. Jongup squinted until he recognized one of them. "Yongguk ?!" He exclaimed looking up at Junhong smiling widely. "Pretty good shot right ?" Jongup couldn't believe it, how could a teenage boy be able to sneak backstage that far without being seen by anyone ? Anyway.. It wasn't the point. "So what ?" Jongup raised an eyebrow, he wouldn't feel happier because he saw a picture of his idol kissing a random fangirl after his show, things like that were pretty common he thought. "What, you don't see ?! It's a boy there, he's kissing a boy !" What ? Jongup leaned closer to the screen. how could Junhong assure that ? Some girls had short hair too... He turned to his friend crossing his arms on his chest, not convinced at all. "Trust me ! I saw them going to the men bathroom after that, and I definitely heard no girl voice." Junhong zoomed on the picture. "Look, no boobs, and girls don't dress like that if they wanna sneak backstage. They wear short skirts with no p-" Junhong got cut again by Jongup yelling with his hands on his ears. "I don't want to hear that !" He said cringing. "Fine I believe you." He sniffed. "How can this make me happy though ? I don't understand." Junhong gave him that are you kidding me look before putting his laptop back on the coffee table. "You like boys right ?" He said without looking at him. Jongup hummed, waiting for an explanation. "What ? Don't look at me like that !" Junhong turned to him frowning awkwardly. "But it's just a picture !" Jongup smiled, was he supposed to understand something else ? He didn't know. "Oh come on ! Don't tell me you never.. you know." Junhong shook his hand back and forth near the area of his crotch, making Jongup's eyes widen at the sight. "Fuck you !" He shouted in a laugh, cheeks flushed, hitting Junhong's arm. "Why, why ?! You can tell me you know !" Junhong shoved his shoulder playfully. "Mind your own business." Jongup grinned cheekily.

That picture was indeed taped to the wall as soon as Jongup came back home that day, it even became his favorite one, dethroning bare chested Yongguk in the clothing store. Junhong was right, Jongup had been face flushed and panting hard countless times beside his wall. After staring at the pictures lighted by the dim light of his table lamp, Jongup would brush the glossy paper with his hand, as if trying to feel something through it. Warmth, affection, love.. anything. Then when his mind was filled with enough fantasies, mixed with some real emotions experienced at concerts or fan signing events, that same hand would travel down his body to release that delicious pain burning inside. Jongup tried his best to keep his eyes open, looking at bare chested Yongguk who was somehow staring back at him. He was a bit ashamed but mostly turned on by this frozen gaze on him. Sometimes tears would roll down his cheeks as he panted that name again and again. Yongguk, Yongguk. These pants would most of the time turn into choked cries and Jongup would shut himself up by bitting into his pillow.

It was nothing close to pleasure. Of course the physical enjoyment was there, an orgasm was still and orgasm but it was nothing more than that. It hurt so much to know that Yongguk would probably never feel something that strong for him, that Jongup cried himself to sleep each night. He felt disgusted by himself, he wished he was born as a girl sometimes, it would have been easier to go through this. Curling under the cover of his bed, the only thing that still shielded him from the world, all the bad feelings that had been successfully forgotten the past days would resurface all at once, even things unrelated to this, reminding him how lonely and unimportant he was to everyone.

That picture changed everything. When Jongup watched it, he felt turned on without feeling guilty, he teased himself to make it last, enjoying his own reactions when it took him by surprise. He moaned biting his lips not to keep it quiet, but not to be too loud when his parents were home, he shut his eyes cause his body shook in pleasure, not because he was trying to stop the tears. It felt good for the first time in a while.

Jongup felt better in general. At school, at home, with Junhong, the smile he displayed on his face every day to please the others wasn't devoid of meaning anymore. It wasn't happiness though, more of a serene smile. Jongup was hopeful again, if Yongguk liked boys too then he wasn't that useless. Maybe it was the time to try something to approach him like all these girls, and with Junhong as bestfriend it would be easy as pie. Quickly, Jongup started thinking that he really should do that. Yongguk might like it better, and he could even start liking him. Why not ?

Jongup wanted to believe it.


Junhong had skipped school today as well, letting Jongup by himself among the bunch of kids who didn't even bother to pay attention to him when he wasn't there. It had been particularly harsh day due to his new blond hair. Boys kept teasing and making fun of him, pulling at his hair as what he looked like a girl now. Girls only eyed him scornfully and whispered without even trying to hide that they were talking about him. On the other hand, there were the teachers threatening him of a permanent exclusion of the school if he didn't dye his hair back to black or at least dark brown. He showed a negative image of the school they said.

Jongup wouldn't even pay attention to them if Junhong was there, cause the younger always knew how to shut their mouth, better, he was popular enough to make them think twice before saying something in front of him, but he wasn't there today. Jongup just smiled when a boy was pulling at his hair, he brushed off the hand with a weak stop it, as if that idiot was one of his friend playing with him. One would honestly believe that these two were friend from afar, because Jongup couldn't stop smiling even if he was annoyed by the constant teasing of these guys in class. He just didn't know how to deal with it, Junhong was usually there for that. Same with the teachers, Jongup was so ashamed that he almost peed his pant when his english teacher told him that he was convened to the principal. Why today ?! He panicked, heart beating so fast that he could feel it thump in his head too. He got up on his wobbly legs and walked his way to the principal office. He wasn't even able to talk audibly when he asked him something. With Junhong there it would have been different, they would be faking to be attentive and nod here and there, then they would burst out laughing after running away when he would have been done with them. But not today, Jongup was so scared he started crying.

He wasn't angry towards his friend though, Junhong always had something more important to do when Jongup needed him the most.

The same day around 9pm, a bit before leaving for Yongguk's private show in town, to which Junhong had managed to get tickets of course, Jongup and him left the younger's apartment when he received a text from their loyal driver Daehyun. The elder honked one time cause they were slow to come, Junhong didn't know where he had put his battery. Thankfully tonight his parents both worked late and wouldn't be back home before 10pm, not that he cared anyway. "Can you go down and tell him I'm coming ?" Junhong came back from his room a moment to find Jongup waiting in the leaving room. "Why ? You didn't find it yet ?" Jongup asked him with a somehow stunned look. Did he lost his precious battery ? "No please join Daehyun-hyung ! I don't want him to honk again it's late." The younger ran away again. Jongup sighed, looked like he didn't have the choice anyway. He zipped up his sweater in front of the mirror and left Junhong's apartment, already starting to think about what he was going to say to Daehyun.

It was dark outside and chilly like the last time after the concert, Jongup was glad to be warmly dressed this time. He looked around to find Daehyun's car but he didn't know anymore how it looked like, so he was kind of lost trying to find it among all the one parked by the wayside. After a few meters he made, Jongup got startled by the flash of headlights farther ahead. It was probably Daehyun he thought, so he walked to the car. At the level of the grey vehicle, he bent a little to see the inside, barely lit by the streetlights. The passenger's window slid down open and Daehyun's smiling face appeared in the dim light. "Come in I have candies." He grinned, warmly welcomed by Jongup's blank expression at the lame joke. "Ok, not funny.." He opened the door for the younger with an awkward laugh. "Sorry.." He said, which embarrassed Jongup more than anything. "N-no thanks hyung I'll wait outside." He mumbled from where he was before Daehyun closed the door and the window. Good I just need to wait here now, I won't have to ta-- "You didn't forget to pull on something warm today ?" He heard Daehyun saying from the other side of the car before he was standing right in front of him, all smiles and shrugging because of the cold. "Yeah.." Jongup turned to Junhong's building front door. Is he really just searching for his battery or.. ? "You left with all the medicines last time, you could have let a little note no ?" Daehyun spoke again in a laugh, hands shoved down his jeans pockets. Jongup nodded with a noncommittal noise. "I was sick." He added to be polite and not to seem to ignore him, cause he wasn't ! "Yeah I know I s- I know.." He stumbled on his words making the younger look up from his feet and grin at him. "Feel better now ?" Jongup nodded again. "Good.."

A car passed by on the street and Junhong was still nowhere to be found. Between Daehyun and Jongup the atmosphere was as cold as the weather despite all the tentative the older had made to start a conversation. Jongup was still very shy obviously but he didn't mind, he was like that by nature. Daehyun wished he wasn't that shy though, cause he refused to wait in the car where it was nice and warm. What difference it would make anyway ?! Daehyun sighed, it was him shivering now.

Junhong arrived about ten minutes later, running as always, his backpack's straps on the pit of his elbows, his hood over his shoulder and beside his neck. Daehyun laughed and nagged him about the time. Daehyun was always smiling actually, Jongup noticed. He had never saw the elder in a bad mood before. Junhong whined readjusting his clothes and his bag, before climbing in the car, pulling Jongup with him on the backseat. "Let's go, let's go !!" He motioned the road ahead with his hand and a total dumb expression on his face. Jongup giggled. Junhong was naturally funny, he didn't have to try hard to make people laugh.

The private show took place in a famous nightclub in Seoul tonight, a place usually restricted to adults who didn't need to show their ID card to make the bouncer let them in. "Here we are." Daehyun hummed after parking the car in the street, turning over to the two kids. "Hurry Jongup we can still have good places !" Junhong shook his friend ignoring Daehyun. Jongup nodded and followed the younger outside. "Yah ! Don't forget to call me if you're in trouble this time ok ?" Daehyun kept nagging forcing them to stay around. "Yeees !!" Junhong whined stomping on his feet. "Can we go now ?" He gave the elder that helpless look which made him roll his eyes. "Don't do anything stupid." He warned them. "Tch.. Tell that to Jongupie-hyung." Junhong grinned elbowing his friend playfully. "I'm off ! Bye hyung !" He shouted running away to the club, while Daehyun was eyeing Jongup suspiciously. "I- I don't know what he's talking about.." Jongup felt forced to say. "I won't loose it again." He tugged at his sweater. Daehyun scoffed. "Yeah, be careful, I'm serious." His smile faded and he stared at Jongup in the eyes for a moment.  Silence. Jongup pursed his lips and stared back, not quite sure about what to do, until Daehyun talked again. "Come on, do you want to miss the show ?! Hurry up ! You have my number right ?" Jongup nodded, it was true now, Junhong gave it to him earlier cause he felt bad about what happened last time. "Alright, see you later." Daehyun waved him off.

Tonight was a lot different from the other show Jongup had been before. First it was his first time in a nightclub, the music, the lights, strangers dancing against each other, it was really a fun ambiance. The room wasn't crowded with screaming teenagers as usual, but with good looking grown-up. It seemed like Jongup and Junhong were of the few lucky kids whose parents accepted to let them come here, that's what the bouncer said when they gave him their tickets to get inside. The two hold back a laugh before stepping in. For the first time in a while they stuck together before the actual show. They mingled pretty well despite their age, thanks to their dance skills, even if Junhong was kinda bothered by his backpack. Jongup was happy, some pretty noonas even offered them a drink, without alcohol of course, enjoying the moment to pinch their cheeks at the bar, squealing how much they were cute. Finally they got rid of Daehyun too, Jongup was really awkward around him, weird considering how comfortable he was around a bunch of unknown people.

An hour after, the music lowered and someone announced that Yongguk was about to go stage. Jongup turned to Junhong with the biggest grin ever and they ran to the scene, squeezing their way into the crowd. It was perfect like that, no one really pushed to be in front so Jongup and Junhong quickly found good spots. "Can you keep my sweater Junhong ?" Jongup turned to his friend handing him the black cloth. Junhong frowned. "Are you sure ?" He didn't want to take it cause it would double the size of his bag, and it would make it difficult to reach what he needed inside.. "What if we get separated and you're alone outside again hyung ?"  Jongup pouted. "Yeah.." You're such an as-


Everyone shouted and Jongup forgot about Junhong, all what mattered was Yongguk and how close he was. He looked so flawless, now more than whenever. He had dyed a part of his hair in red, just at the front, which perfectly matched his outfit. Yongguk was bold and it fitted him so well, Jongup liked it, he would like to be able to wear such clothes without being embarassed but it was impossible, only Yongguk could do that. The red pant, the skarf tied at his belt, the red tank top revealing his toned arms and a large part of his chest at both side of his body, the gold chains, the fake tattoos, only Yongguk could rock such an outfit. Jongup couldn't help but smile, following his idol in his every moves on the stage, a real and sincere smile.

During the show Jongup was sure that he made eye contact with Yongguk sometimes, and even that the older winked at him. He was so happy that he had forgot Junhong all this time. At the end, when he turned to his side, the younger wasn't there anymore. Well.. that was quite expected anyway. Jongup realized that he was hot as hell too, so he took off his sweater while he searched for Junhong in the nightclub, an arduous task. He met again the noonas who had offered them an apple juice, and asked them if they had saw Junhong somewhere. Luckily they had, one of them pointed at one of the first floor, which was actually like a balcony. Junhong was there indeed, talking to someone Jongup couldn't see from where he was. "Thank you." He said turning back to the blond girl, who pulled him for a kiss by the way. Jongup was so surprised that he gasped when her hand grabbed his face, before her glossy pink lips crashed on his own. It was an innocent kiss, just like when little kids kissed each other if they were "in love", a little peck in other words. The girl giggled with her friends when Jongup, all flustered, bowed smiling shyly before leaving. "Bye Jongupie !" She said in a cute voice. Jongup was a bit sad that a stranger, he didn't remember her name, had stole his first kiss just like that but whatever..

He found Junhong still talking to a guy barely older than them, now that Jongup could see. Said boy left after giving two cards to Junhong, who seemed pretty happy to receive them. "Hey.." Jongup patted Junhong's shoulder. "Oh hey hyung ! Look what I got !" He bounced on his feet. Jongup squinted to see what was written on the little white card. "Afterparty.. pass ?" He frowned a bit confused. "Yeah !" Junhong nodded happily, lowering his tone afterwards, taking Jongup by his side so he could talk to him without raising his voice. "It's just at the other side of the street, Yongguk will be there too !" He gave a pass to his friend. "You can only enter if you have it, you go first I need to see if I can sneak in Yongguk's dressing room." Jongup wondered if he wasn't a sasaeng fan sometimes, it was a bit scary. "Was it a friend of yours ?" Jongup mentioned the boy Junhong was talking to earlier. "Youngjae-hyung ? Yeah ! But it's a secret ok ?" He winked before running away again. Jongup scoffed and left the nightclub.

At the door of the bouncer looked at Jongup as if he was some kind of joke. "Where did you got this ?" He took the pass to see if it was a real one. "I got it that's all." Jongup retorted, surprising himself at the confidence in his words. The man turned and turned the card in his hands, observing it from every angle, so much that the people waiting outside started yelling at him to let the kid go in. Jongup grinned and finally the gorilla stepped aside.

The rest of the night was just a big mix of new feelings. Jongup only wanted to make Yongguk notice him so he kinda forgot that he was shy for the rest of the night. The rush of adrenaline pushing him to dance never stopped flooding his veins. Yemi-noona, Jongup finally remembered her name, was there too so he stayed around them, and it seemed like the word shy wasn't part of their vocabulary neither. Yemi-noona fooling around with her girls, waved her body like a queen. Jongup almost wished that her tight glittery pink dress went up higher on her thigh, to let him see more of her legs. He just couldn't stop staring and she saw it. Jongup made the big eyes when she came to him. "You wanna dance with me ?" She hummed in his ear, smiling when the boy nodded.

Instead of staying on their spot, Yemi pulled Jongup into the crowd to climb on a sort of platform in the middle of the club. There she started dancing again, wrapping her arms around his neck. Jongup blushed, even if he wasn't supposed to be shy tonight, it was his limit. She was a bit taller than him, so he had a nice view of her breast. Not the nose right on it but damn, he felt turned on even more like that. How could it be possible, didn't he like boys ? Jongup didn't know anymore at this point, maybe he liked both, or just Yongguk and Yemi. Or maybe Yemi more ? They were so close to each other that her knee was grinding on his crotch. Jongup felt hot again, very hot, and not only because of the suffocating air in the room. Seeking more of the delicious friction he just rolled his body some more. Yemi grinned taking off his sweater while he obediently let it drop on the floor. Fuck it if it got lost. Then she turned around and it wasn't her knee grinding on his crotch anymore. With her hand on Jongup's cheek she went down on his body, rolling her hips on the younger's hard on. Jongup bit on his lips to hold back a moan, seriously, she was obviously teasing him in front of all these people and it was driving him crazy. Yemi turned back to him and Jongup opened his eyes, which were shut until now. She was amused by his condition. "Why don't you show me what you can do now ?" She whispered in a giggle before leaving the platform. Jongup froze on his spot looking at her with an helpless look, but his expression brightened when actually she turned around. "Go Jongupie !" She yelled after grabbing a blue colored drink on the nearest bar. Jongup smiled, and at that moment believe it or not, when he was about to start to do some basic b-boy moves for the girl, his gaze met Yongguk's staring at him.

Jongup's heartbeat jolted, finally free from Yemi's lovely grip, he remembered why he was here. Yongguk looked away almost right away, laughing with his friends at the table he was seating at. Jongup didn't care, the older could still have a pretty nice view on him if he wanted, so he decided to go crazy and do it right. Pretending to do it to tease Yemi, he took off his shirt, throwing it away in the bouncing crowd before starting to move. Jongup had never felt that good before, some people around even began to cheer for him and it was getting really loud. Jongup even caught Yongguk watching him again, and he didn't look away that time, Jongup did it first cause he felt like dying under his gaze. To be honest it was a better turn on than Yemi's ass grinding on his cock.

Later, after Jongup was forced to get off the platform because the staff suddenly noticed that he was just a kid, after he finally lost them, thanks to the girls, he saw that Yongguk was about to go. He reluctantly left Yemi's band with another of his shy smiles, zipped up his sweater, the only cloth now covering his upper body, and hurried to where the rapper was still standing. There were two girls with him, he had both of his arms around their shoulder and he was talking to someone else in the hallway when Jongup arrived. He took a deep breath, it was now or never. He ran to the girl dressed in black and pulled her before pushing her away. She shrieked and cursed in a foreign language stumbling on her high heels before falling down. Jongup quickly sneaked under Yongguk's arm, who was just about to touch her boobs apparently, cause he patted his chest and turned to him with a confused frown. "It's flat.." He said before looking up, then his expression brightened. "Oh it's the kid !" He said, Jongup was kind of puzzled about this but it seemed like Yongguk was a bit tipsy, if not drunk, that was why he didn't react at the mess earlier. Jongup nodded and felt his sweater tugging on his chest. It was the girl, she pushed him on the wall and cursed again, it was Japanese, Jongup recognized it now. "Wow ! What's wrong ?" Yongguk came beside her, letting the one dressed in white behind him. "That stupid kid knock me down idiot !!" She yelled in a high pitched voice, she was on edge, and scary... "Really ?" The rapper turned to Jongup. He shook his head. "What ?! Don't lie fucki-" She raised her hand, which was previously fixing her hair, about to slap him when Yongguk caught it on the way with a laugh. "Come on don't be mad ! He's just a kid, I bet he's my fan right ?" He smiled to Jongup, that perfect smile he had saw so many times on pictures before. Jongup quickly nodded. "Ok ok do you want an autograph ? I don't have a pen.. Can someone bring me pen ?!" He shouted before Jongup finally said something after gathering all his strength to open his mouth. "I'm not here for an autograph." He mumbled not daring to look at anyone. A couple passed in the hallway between the little group and it finally clicked in Yongguk's mind. "Oh.. You wanna go back home with me ?" He asked just like that, as if it wasn't embarrassing enough. "Yes.." Jongup replied in a little voice, clenching his fists behind his back. He was terrified. "Ok." Yongguk took him in his arms, making the japanese girl scream again. "What about us ?! Did you forget our plans for tonight ?!" She exclaimed tapping her foot on the floor, making her jewelry tinkle. "Sumimasen~" Yongguk giggled. "No seriously, you can still go with Himchan, come on." He motioned them to follow him while going out with Jongup. The girl in black stared at him and said something in Japanese again that Jongup didn't get. "Enough !" Yongguk laughed at what she said.

What time was it again ? Jongup didn't even know, it was pretty late anyway. As soon as they put a foot outside, a strong gush of wind blew in the street, making the girls whine behind. Yongguk walked to a black car parked just in front of the club and pushed Jongup in after opening the door. "Let's go home driver !!" Yongguk shouted raising a fist. Wow a driver ? Jongup was amazed. Must be nice to be a celebrity. "What ?" The man cocked an eyebrow turning to them just when the girls arrived. "Oh, do you mind sitting on my lap kid ?" Yongguk smirked. Jongup shook his head and let the rapper take place behind him. Oh, and he was still hard by the way, since he didn't stop Yemi from sneaking her hands on his torso.. Whatever, that's another story. When Jongup sat on Yongguk it made him thrill and he got goosebumps all over his body. The two girls took place next to them on the backseat. "What the fuck Yongguk ?!" The driver got mad all of a sudden. "Change of plans Channie, I'm going home with this cutie there." Yongguk wrapped his arms around Jongup and kissed the crook of his neck. Channie frowned in disgust. "Can you tell me who the fuck is this kid ?!" He was really pissed off. "Calm down, you don't recognize him ? The kid dancing on the platform." He pulled down Jongup's zipper, to show him his bare chest, as if it would help him remember. Jongup shyly closed his sweater and looked away. "Yongguk I.. I'm not moving until you let him go." Channie said turning away and staring at them through the rear view mirror. "How about we ask him ? Do you want to leave ?" Yongguk got a little bit more serious and his tone rose up. Jongup didn't want to leave, no. He said nothing and just shook his head for the umpteenth time of the night. "See ? Now start the fucking car.." The rapper kicked the front seat. "Are you jealous maybe ?" He scoffed. "Shut up.." Channie hissed before starting the car, tearing away abruptly and making the tires screech on the asphalt.

It didn't take long for Yongguk to find out how much Jongup was excited. He was quiet a moment but then he started running his hands on the younger's thighs randomly until he, not so randomly this time, went all the way up. Jongup gasped quite loudly and his legs jolted closed. "Can't you wait at least ?!" Channie growled. "Watch the damn road.." Yongguk replied sleepily. "Don't worry.." He whispered in Jongup's ear, opening his legs. "Did you know that girl ?" Yemi ? "No.." Jongup breathed out cause Yongguk was palming him. "Is she the one who put you in that state ?" He pressed harder, still murmuring his words. Jongup clenched his teeth, and only nodded as an answer. "That's not really nice.." The rapper kissed his neck again, mouthing all the way up to the younger's ear. Jongup was seriously fighting against himself to keep it quiet. They were five in the car yet Yongguk kept teasing him, not caring the least about it. "Do you want me to help you with that ?" He played with his jeans' button, opening it slowly before letting his fingers slide on the zipper. It had been the most painful 40 minutes of his life. Honestly Jongup didn't even know how he lasted that much without running to the nearest bathroom to jerk off. He wasn't even ashamed when he said yes, it was like a dream, except that it was real life. Bang Yongguk was just about to give him a hand job. "He won't even last 2 minutes.." One of the girl mocked beside but Jongup paid no attention to her, of course he would last more, she was just jealous. "Are you really gonna do that here Yongguk ?!" Channie barked again when he stopped the car at the red light. "Can you just shut the fuck up Himchan ?!" Yongguk kicked the front seat stronger than the first time, then put his foot on it. Himchan hissed something but stayed quiet after that.

And then it was just the two of them.

Yongguk unzipped Jongup's sweater once again and tugged it off of his left shoulder to have free access on the skin. The rapper took his time licking and biting there, while one of his hand wandered on the younger's chest, teasing either his nipples or his lower stomach. But sitting straight like that, Yongguk couldn't play as much as he wanted, so he leaned back on the seat, letting the breathy mess that was Jongup drop his head on his shoulder, to continue what he just had began. He had pulled down the zipper of his jeans and because to him it wasn't enough, Yongguk insisted to pull down Jongup's jeans itself a little as well. A little maybe, but enough for the girls to catch a glimpse of the tent between the younger's legs if they wanted. Jongup whined being exposed like that and thankfully, Yongguk didn't tease him more. He wrapped his fingers around his length, starting to move with slow motions. "You really waited for a long time didn't you ?" He cooed in a laugh when he felt that it was already pretty wet down there. That was the last thing he said.

Yongguk tugged down the last cloth still spoiling the view and stroked Jongup faster. When he started moaning loudly, looking for something to grab, Yongguk took his hand in his own and interlaced their fingers. Jongup could feel the rapper's hard-on digging in his backside as he jerked his hips of the seat the meet the other's hand, and it was the thing which drove him on the edge. He came in a low moan, barely changing of his everyday voice actually, and kept whining until the sudden burst of pleasure faded little by little, letting him catch his breath. Jongup opened his eyes when Yongguk brushed his bangs away to kiss his forehead. Amazing, it was amazing.

Not even 5 minutes later, just the time for Jongup to get dressed again, Himchan stopped the car in front of a house. "Enjoy you night fucker.." Himchan blurted, hands tight on the steering wheel. Yongguk opened the door and let Jongup get out first before following him. He didn't close the door yet and Himchan got angry again, shouting him to shut it so he could drive away. Yongguk just laughed some more. "Don't be mad Channie, you can still come when you're done ok ? Just don't drive if you're too wasted... Aya, Maï.." He said apologetically, standing up before closing the door. Himchan went away just like when they left the club, why was he that mad ? Jongup pouted in a thinking way while staring at the car driving away in the night. He almost jumped when Yongguk ran a hand in his messy blond locks.

"Looks like it's just the two of us now." He grinned.



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